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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Hello lovebirds! Holidays are just around the corner but not before the final exam season strikes again – which means we need regular doses of happy hormone boosts! Did you know that kissing or engaging in sexual activity releases a bunch of mood-enhancing hormones? Healthline gives you 10+ reasons to make out with someone. Since there are so many reasons to grab your SO, and cuffing season’s knocking at your door, listed below are some hook-up spots on-campus to visit in between study sessions.

1. Entrance to B-126, University Hall 

This isolated mini hallway is so inaccessible that even people that have tutorial in room B126 have trouble finding it. This dimly lit spot gives you dark academia vibes and is ideal for hooking up. It’s aesthetically pleasing and located in the basement of University Hall. You’ll spot a sign reading ‘Entry to B-126’ on the gothic door which takes you to a small alcove-shaped lobby. Don’t want to risk interruptions? Then I suggest using this place post-4:30pm, when all the professors have left. PS: this place smells like old books. 

2. 5th Floor of Mills 

Apart from being the hottest study location on campus, Mills Library is the perfect place for a little de-stress break with your boo. As the fifth floor of Mills remains the most underrated in the whole building, it is the best place in the library to hook up. If you like history, literature and some risk involved, then by all means take a shot at it. I know that bibliophiles are going to love it here.

3. Rooftop staircase in Moulton Hall

While not everyone might have access to this spot, the round skylight makes it worthy to be on this list. This stairwell which leads to the rooftop is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows on 3 sides and gives you the perfect view. Bonus points for when it’s snowing. Take some blankets and hot chocolate with you while you’re at it. This is a perfect gem for a romantic quality break with your SO with a spectacular view, under the stars. PS: you’re not allowed to go out on the roof – so don’t even try! Trust me, stick to the stairs. 

4. ‘Hole in the Wall’

This basement hallway connecting Gilmour Hall to Chester New Hall remains isolated as ever. ‘Hole in the Wall’ is on the back side of the Titles bookstore. While this counter usually remains closed, no one will be able to find you here.

5. Basement of KTH (B103 hallway)

Look for the lobby of room B103 in the basement of Kenneth Taylor Hall, and you’ll see that it is mostly unused. But if you walk further down the hallway and turn left at the end, it will take you to a secluded corner. No one even bothers to look there so you’re good to go. And if you’re still curiously looking for a new hook up location, there are numerous remote hallways in this building you can make the most of.

Kumkum Singh

McMaster '25

Kumkum is a third-year student at McMaster University. She was the Editor-in-Chief and a Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at McMaster. She worked with a team of more than 75 women and even published a couple editorials during her term there. She loves to read books and cooks well. If not lazing in bed, you'll find her in a library corner where Instagram aesthetic sunlight falls.