Quirky Meets Cute: Jonah Philibert

Quirky, sweet, and lovable. Jonah Philibert is the cutest MCLA kid around. This multi-talented cutie loves cats and always there when you need a cuddle. He’ll also spend countless hours entertaining you with acrobatic and musical feats. He’s patient enough to teach even the most hyperactive college students all the rules and tricks to his favorite obscure board games.

 Jonah is single, but as an introvert, is not so good with mingling. If you find yourself head over heels for this cutie, don’t be discouraged when he seems to ignore your advances. He reportedly doesn’t understand when people when people are flirting with him. Make sure you spell out your admiration loud and clear.

Major: Computer Science Software development

Hometown: Foxborough, Mass.

Activities: Playing the accordion, making chainmail (like the stuff knights wear), and cooking.

Year: Junior

Relationship status: Single

What sort of music do you like listening to? "Classical music and lyrically clever music, which can be anything from Owl City to Eminem."

Whose you’re favorite LetsPlayer: "Videogame Dunky, if that can be qualified as LetsPlay."

What are your secret talents: “I can hold my breath for 3 ½ minutes, I also walk on stilts, and play piano, and guitar, and base.”

Weirdest experience you’ve ever had on Campus? “[It was in Freshman year] I hadn’t really met anyone on campus and so I tucked a book into the belt of my pants and was going to read at the cafeteria and have lunch and Harmony walked up to me and said [loudly] ‘you have a book in your pants!’ Then she invited-well I could say invited, but she didn’t really invite me- she said ‘you’re coming to lunch with us!’ That was good, I’m glad she did that.”

What is your favorite food: "Fried egg, but a good one, like on a bagel, which is why I’ve perfected the fried egg."

If you were with a person would you make fried eggs for them? "I’d make so many fried eggs for them. They would have so many fried eggs, this is why I’m single."

Ideal first date: "I really like the Public and so I would take them to the Public."

Because it’s yummy? "Because it’s yummy."

Do you have enough money for the Public? “I’m actually incredibly wealthy because I don’t spend any money, and my parents make me work all summer every summer.”

I hear you really like games can you describe for us your passion for games? “I really like games because each one is like a puzzle but it changes each time depending on who you’re playing with. You match wits and people do different things and try things you don’t expect.”

I hear you have a cool summer camp tell us about that?" I worked at a live action roleplay camp for elementary and middle school aged kids where for a month in the summer you attend a camp and you play through adventures inspired by literature usually. The best one I ever did was, probably, Lord of the Rings. All the campers had to track down the seven eleven rings, and at one point we had Sauron come out and the witch queen come out. She had a voice modulator and speakers strapped to herself under her cloak. That was cool.

My face character, who is just me without the makeup, was called Duran the Bard and he was very popular. He just had an accordion and would often accompany the youngest group, the Seekers, who were first and second graders. I found that the best way to encourage a timid young kid to fight a monster was to be even more timid than they were, so Duran the Bard was a legendary coward and would always make sure the kids engaged because he was too afraid to fight. And I would play inspiring songs in the background while they battled."

Why did you come to MCLA? "I’m not a huge fan of the city and its beautiful here. It’s quiet. I met some of the teachers while I was visiting from the computer science department and they were all fantastic."