The Play is the Thing: Brittany Nicholson

This week's campus celebrity is best known for her time on stage at MCLA.  Brittany Nicholson is a passionate singer and actress, who has brought her every role to life since she stepped foot on campus.  If you haven't seen her act yet, never fear, there's still time!  She's also the assistant director of "Dog Sees God", opening Wednesday, October 14th, and running until Saturday, October 17th. 


Year: Senior

Major: FPA (Theater)

Hometown: Pittsfield, Ma/Charlotte, NC

Activities: Harlequin (Senior Solo, Cast), Main Stage (Main Characters, Assistant Director, Assistant Stage Manager, Props), and Allegrettos (Tenor Gospel)

What got you into theater?

“It was an accident, I took a theater class in high school and since then I have fallen in love with theater.”

What drives you to keep doing theater?

“I just love doing it. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else except theater. Nothing else makes me happier then being on stage, or back stage.”

Do you have any inspiring actors you look up to?

“Queen Latifah.”

What are some of your favorite plays?

“Hamlet, Jersey Boys, The Pillow Man, and All Shook Up.”

What prepares you for a show?

“A lot of vocal exercises, sometimes I like to be by myself and listen to calming music to get me in the zone. Stretches also.”

How did you first get involved in theater at MCLA?

“As soon as I got here I was told Join Algrettos!, Join Harlequin!, or die, so I joined the clubs. I would have joined them anyway because I really wanted to be part of them and FPA is part of my classes.”



What do you want to do when you graduate?

“After I graduate I want to take a year off and apply to grad schools in New York, California, London, and Prague, and see what happens from there.”

How do you balance class, theater, and your social life?

“What social life?”

On average how much time do you invest in theatre a year?

“Around half a year, every day for around four or so hour, and on Sundays eleven hours.” 

Favorite comedian?

“Kevin Hart.”

Why do you like to make people laugh?

“I don’t know I feel like when I make people laugh when they’re having a bad it will make their day so much better.”

What are your current works?

“Dog Sees God which will be Oct 14th-17th.”