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"The Office" will forever be one of my favorite shows and my go-to when I want to watch something funny. Not only is it great for a laugh, but it holds a lot of life lessons. However, I'm putting out a spoiler alert right now because I will be addressing scenes that extend throughout the entirety of the show. So... 



1.) Love can take awhile



If Jim and Pam's relationship has anything to show you, a healthy relationship takes time. From the very first episode, viewers can tell Jim is pretty much in love with Pam; we even see their chemistry. However, it takes until the end of season two for Jim to admit it. When Pam says she can't because she is still engaged to Roy, Jim is devastated and leaves the branch only to return later with a girlfriend to find out Pam and Roy broke up. It takes Pam until the company beach day (end of season 3) to finally say it back to Jim. AND THEN THEY STILL DON'T GET TOGETHER. Finally, at the beginning of season 4 we get to see them dating. The proposal comes early in season 5 during their long-distance bit even though Jim bought the ring a week after they started dating. After that, they get married and eventually have a baby girl followed later by a boy. Their relationship is absolutely beautiful the entire time with both of them supporting the other. 

2.) You're never too old to prank


Jim spends most of his time at Dunder Mifflin pranking Dwight. From putting his stuff in jell-o or into the vending machine, to starting alliances to screw with him, to brining Michael to Dwight's wedding, Jim is constantly coming up with new and funny ways to get through the work day through the amusement of how easily annoyed Dwight can get. 

3.) It's okay to love yourself 

Darryl is an amazing minor character who, throughout the course of the show's nine season, gets more of a role. He is divorced and bounces around from girl to girl starting with the "nurse" hired to accept the check to "science" in S4E2, then going to Kelly, Val, and eventually we get the sense he is back with is wife by the last episode. Through all this, he is still strong, funny, and self-reliant. He is able to further his career on his own accord and believes in himself if this quote has anything to show for it, "My future isn't gonna be determined by 7 little white lotto balls, it's gonna be determined by two big black balls. I control my own destiny." (S8E3). Darryl loves "informing" Michael about life in "da Hood", but most of all, he loves himself.

4.) Don't take things too seriously 

Michael Scott is the king of not taking things seriously. He acts on a whim and without much thought at all. He goes off to start his own paper business, he loves to have fun and believes that he should be a friend first and a boss second. When he holds meetings, they are disturbingly cringe-worthy, fun, and usually has a "guest" speaker. 

5.) Enjoy the little things




Stanley Hudson is one of my favorite supporting characters. He's sassy and loves crossword puzzles. One of his reoccurring jokes revolves around trying to give the same toaster as a wedding gift at three different weddings. He hates his boss Michael; the only time they truly get along is on Pretzel day. Pretzel day is Stanley's favorite day because he gets a free pretzel out of it. As one of the older men in the office, he knows how to appreciate the little things like his crosswords and pretzels. 

6.) Growing is constant 

Both Pam and Phyllis grow tremendously throughout the seasons. Both steadily become more confident in their own ways. Pam breaks it off with Roy (a terrible relationship from S1E1) and starts to gain independence. She eventually allows herself to try being an artist while Phyllis begins to stick up for herself around Angela (even becoming head of the Party Planning Committee through blackmail). 

7.) People usually have the best intentions

Starting "The Office" is one difficult task thanks to Michael Scott. He is ignorant and he tries to be funny about it. He thinks of himself as a comedian and doesn't realize when he isn't being politically correct. He can be racist and sexist and even homophobic-- overall, he is offensive to pretty much everyone. Steve Carell does an amazing job at making the audience and other characters extremely uncomfortable. However, throughout the show, you realize he just wants to love and be loved. He thinks of his employees as his family and wants to be part of their lives. In fact, he is the only one who shows up to Pam's art show besides Oscar (who is critical about her pieces in a mean manner). Michael also fights for Holly, ends up marrying her and moving with her to help take care of her parents. When he announces this to his staff, everyone's faces drops because even though he sucks, he is also the best. 


"The Office" is an amazing show with amazing characters. On top of that, it teaches viewers that things take time, to believe in yourself, and to have fun. Enjoy the snowy weather while curled up with Netflix and your favorite Dunder Mifflin branch. 

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