Letter to My High School Self

Dear Younger Me,

Hi, how are you? I’m doing well. It’s been a while since we talked. I’m just writing this letter to let you know we turn out just fine. College is great! People have told you high school will be the best years of your life but as junior in college, I can say college will be the best years of your life. You’re still finding out who you are in high school, and that’s okay. Everyone else is just figuring out who they are, too. When you start looking back, you’ll be able to see that.

I know right now it’s hard. You’re not being bullied, no one’s being mean, but not everyone is being kind either. It’s confusing. Well, life is confusing. I’m not an expert on life, and I don’t claim to be an expert on anything, but I’ve lived a few years longer than you have and I can at least tell you this: listen to mom when she says college will be a whole new ball game. It really will be. You’ll make so many friends and be involved in so much that you’ll wonder if you have time to breathe! You’ll join the Dance Company on campus, be a part of Christian Fellowship—you’ll end up being the president of it too—and you’ll be involved with a literary and online magazine and do a whole lot of writing. Don’t spread yourself too thin though. The classes will be great, you’ll meet some amazing people and it will be exciting. Sure, you might have ups and downs but when the hard times hit, you’ll have people there who love you and when the good times roll, you’ll have people there to celebrate with. 

You’re gonna end up living on campus about three and half hours away from home, but home will always be a phone call away, so please do not stress over this. Do not forget to say “I love you” to mom and dad, because they really love you. Although, I don’t think I need to remind you of that, I know you tell them all the time, I am you after all. Call or text mom every night once you’re back in your dorm to let her know you’re okay. She is just looking out for you and wants to check in, and it will be really nice to talk to mom and dad especially being so far away. Make sure you know your resources on campus, you’re going to need them more than you think. The resources will help you get through college when you’re sick, stressed out, just want to talk or need a meal. 

That’s all I have for now. Take it easy and enjoy high school. Sure, it can be a pain—but when it’s over, it’s done, there is no going back. Learn to enjoy every day as it comes and enjoy where you are at right now. As we say: “my favorite age is the age I’m at now, because I only get the be that age once.”