Lessons One Tree Hill Teaches About Love

1) When you find the one, you just know. Those feelings make sense and don’t ever go away. Even if you go years apart, the moment you see them, it feels as if no time has passed between you. True love can outlast anything the world throws at it.

2) Love is not easy. It takes work—and a lot of it. Sometimes the fights are draining and you wonder if it is even worth it anymore. But still, you find something in you that forgives and forgets yet another hardship. Even when you feel as if there is no fight left in you, your heart pulls through and forgives. You do not give up on the one you love, no matter how difficult the path you are currently on gets. Like I said: when you know you just know, so you will do whatever it takes to make it out of that rough patch.


3) Once your heart and soul finds the other piece, nobody else matters. You stop looking twice when you see someone pretty and perhaps no longer even notice the beauty of others. Not a single person in the world could ever compare to the one you love, and nothing will ever take you away from them. They are the person your heart chose, so there is nobody else but them.

4) Even when times are tough and you may be on a break, you still care. When you get out of a relationship with someone, those feelings don't just disappear, and neither does the curiosity of their well being. They will always be in the back of your mind even when you are upset with them.

5) Even though everything may be over and you have both found someone else, you fight. You work for things to be okay because your heart knows they are the only one worth fighting for. No matter how far apart or how different things have become, when you had a future plan for the two of you, you do what it takes to find that bond again.