Here is the Newest Skincare Product You Need

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I have always been one to have sensitive skin. This made it harder for me to really take care of my face. Certain creams and cleansers would dry out or burn my skin. This would lead to extremely dry skin which makes me look older and causes tightness in my face that is uncomfortable. However, I recently found a new skincare product I really love. The best part? I could actually use it because it didn’t kill my skin.

The brand is called Innisfree, and it’s based in Korea. Korea is famous for sheet masks which are thin paper masks with ingredients good for your skin. You leave the mask on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes so the mask can be absorbed into your skin. The company also has serums, eye creams, hydrating creams and other skin care products.

One of the things I really liked about Innisfree is that it utilizes ingredients that are good for both the environment and your skin. For example, the products I’ve been using are a part of the Innisfree Welcome Pack. This includes a face mask, an intensive hydrating serum, an intensive hydrating eye cream and an intensive hydrating cream. They all have green tea in them, an all-natural ingredient. Green tea has been proven to be really good for your skin, something I discovered when I started using the Welcome Pack.

The first part of the routine is the mask. As a water-type mask, it is highly moisturizing. I really liked the paper mask because it wasn’t as messy as a traditional mask. No scrubbing off dried gunk. Instead you peel off the paper once the time limit is up. This is so much easier than wiping off a normal mask. I found when I wore the mask, my skin was absorbing so much of it. This is saying something considering the fact that there was a lot of a water base on it. After fifteen minutes, I took the mask off and was amazed by how hydrated it was. My face felt so cool, and it was amazing! It felt like all of my pores were full of tingling goodness, and I absolutely loved it!

After the mask comes the intensive hydrating serum. A thin goop that you spread on your face, the serum seemed to help seal in all the green-tea goodness of the face mask. This was when I really felt a hydrating tingle on my face; it seemed to open my pores even more.

Then came the hydrating eye cream. This made my eyes look less tired. They helped relieve the bags under my eyes, and they also made my eyes less tired. It seemed to make my eyes more bright. I absolutely loved how good my eyes looked afterward.

The entire process was finished off with the intensive hydrating serum. This serum was more of a cream than a goop. It seemed to help seal in all of the green-tea goodness that was absorbed into my skin.

After the process was done, my skin was dewier and fresher than it had been in a long time. The best part was that the products didn’t affect my sensitive skin. At no part during the process did my skin burn or itch. My skin was smooth, hydrated and bright. I recommend that everyone try Innisfree for their skin. Not only is it a great way to freshen up your face, but you’ll feel amazing afterwards. I know I will be implementing this routine more into my life.