DIY Valentines Day Gift Ideas


1. Tea Bag Hearts 

Tea bag hearts are perfect  this time of  year to warm the heart of a partner or friend. With a few simple ingredients, and some easy sewing, this customizable gift could only be remembered as special. For more specifics on how to make it click here:

2. Seed Starter Valentine 

Unlike a bouquet of flowers this gift will grow with its owner, and teach them care and responsibility. With a few seeds and a touch of earth it will bring oxygen to any dorm, or home. For more steps on how to make this craft click here:

3, A Jar of Memories 

This one can be made with any personal touch, or preference. When I made it I took a mason jar and put little references to memories, songs, quotes, and television shows I shared with my friend. If you're hoping to give this gift to a siginificant other you can write romantic memories, or things you love about your S.O.,  just be sure toput your own flare on it, thats what will make the gift truly special. 

4. Sharpie Mug

This would be a lovely gift to go with the tea. With a few simple components you can create a keep sake gift that will be used on the daily by that special someone. To see how to make it further click:

5. Love Coupons

This is cute gift even younger children can participate in. It is like mini rain checks for lovely things to come in the future. Even if it seems self explanatory to see how to make them check here:

 I hope these five ideas can help spark your creativity and help you on your way to a fantastic Valentines Day.