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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MCLA chapter.

Dear Fall 2019 Semester,

I had a great time. The classes were great, the friends were amazing and everything was all together phenomenal. There were ups and downs, good days and bad days, but life went on. I learned so much this semester, not only in classes but in life! So much happened that it was hard to process at first. Thank goodness I have such amazing friends to give support.

Finding that support is really important. It helps get you through the day, through life. Knowing you have someone standing behind you to catch you if you fall is incredibly comforting. Being able to pull someone aside and say “I just need to talk,” nothing can replace that. This is why I am so thankful to be a part of clubs on campus. Being part of Dance Company, Christian Fellowship, Her Campus, Spires and Fashion Club, is a lot of responsibility but it’s so fun. This is where you find your friends, where you find that support. 

It is also important to be involved with the campus. Being away from home can be nerve-wracking, but building a community around you can help. By being involved in clubs, you make friends and build that community. The campus can begin to feel more comfortable, like a place you belong rather than just go to school. 

It is hard getting through the semester. All the classes, homework, papers, exams, stress and everything else that comes along. Without friends to help out, where would any of us be? With all the ups and downs in life, can anyone live without friends? It’s funny how tough times can bring friends closer together, I know it has for me. So thank you fall semester 2019 for bringing me closer to my friends. Thank you for showing me how much I can count on them. Most importantly, thank you my dear, dear friends for always being there for me. I can always count you, believe it when I say you can always count on me. Bye for now campus. I’ll see you in 2020.



Amanda is a junior at MCLA. An English major and dance minor, she is very creative. She loves spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite things to do are dance, write and be out in nature.