Always Sunny Drinking Game

If you are a fan of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" and drinking, then this is the article for you! The following is what me and my friend have compiled into a drinking game. Enjoy! (Drink responsibly). 

1.) Disrespect Dee 

2.) Drink more if it is a bird joke 

3.) The guys steal Dee's car

4.) Gang drinks before noon

5.) Mention of hot plate

6.) Charlie is illiterate

7.) Gay Mac

8.) Mac thinks he knows martial arts

9.) Dennis talks about getting with women

10.) Drink more if its rape-y

11.) Cricket is featured

12.) Call the waitress the waitress

13.) Gang gets racist

14.) Incest

15.) Eggs

16.) Dennis manipulates someone

17.) Dee calls someone a "boner" 

18.) Someone pukes/ is puked on

19.) Franks says "whore" and/or "bang" 

20.) Gang chants