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Face masks not only make your skin look brand new, but also lift your mental state, making you feel happier and healthier.

Here are a list of my favorite face masks:


1- Bitter Green by Skin Food ($28)

This mask is a detoxifying mask, and therefore works for all skin types. It makes your skin feel rejuvenated without drying it out or making it super oily afterwards.

2- GlamGlow SuperMud Activated Charcoal Treatment ($75)

Although more on the pricey side, this mask is my go-to when I’m having a breakout. It really does what it claims to do. The best part is seeing your pores when the mask is completely dry.


3- Sephora Collection Moisturizing Clay Mask  ($10)

This mask really moisturizes the skin and makes it feel super soft but doesn’t make it feel oily. Living in montreal, this face mask is basically a must-have especially in the winter time.

4- Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask ($70)

Also more on the pricey side, I bought the smaller size of this mask while on vacation and it made my skin feel the cleanest it ever has. This is a quick mask, only for 3-5 minutes, and can be used as a spot treatment or a deep cleanser. Its versatility makes it easy to reach for.


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Pia is a first-year student at McGill studying International Development and Economics, and minoring in Arabic. She was born in London, England and grew up in Dubai and Beirut. She loves travelling, and her ideal destination is anywhere with a beach.
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