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What to Watch: A Guide To Throwback TV Shows

Reading week is long gone and while most of us will try to catch up with the work we tried to forget we had during break,  one thing we know for certain is that we will definitely binge watch TV shows.

Instead of listing this year’s hottest TV shows which are inconveniently on hiatus (How to Get Away with Murder, Game of Thrones, the list goes on), we’re throwing it back to amazing TV shows that are off air, but so good that you would watch them again.


1. The O.C.

Who could ever forget Ryan Atwood, the reforming bad boy, who is taken in by the wealthy Cohens? The Cohen family before the addition of Ryan, consisted of Sandy, a good-natured lawyer from the Bronx, Kirsten, the CFO of a real estate company founded by her disagreeable father, and Seth, their socially-awkward, comic-loving, but hilariously sarcastic son. Seth is forever pining after Summer Roberts, who just happens to be the best friend of Newport Beach’s IT Girl, Marissa Cooper (Ryan’s love interest). However, it wouldn’t be a good TV show if everything just worked out, would it? Brace yourself to relive or (just live through) family drama, Newport parties, hidden agendas, blossoming love and of course, Seth’s hilarious commentary.

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (available on Netflix)

The theme song to this timeless TV show tells you the premise, but for those who don’t know the lyrics to “Yo Home to Bel-Air,” The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air follows Will Smith, a fun-loving, streetwise teen from Philadelphia who moves in with his affluent aunt and uncle in Bel-Air. Will is constantly scheming or coming to the aid of his cousins Hilary, the shopaholic, Carlton, the overachiever, and Ashley, the baby of the family who hasn’t found her place yet. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has 6 seasons of hilarious schemes intermingled with real life issues, Jeffrey, the butler’s comedic relief and Carlton’s unforgettable dance.

3. One Tree Hill

We all know siblings fight, but One Tree Hill took it to a whole other level. Starring Chad Michael Murray as Lucas Scott and James Lafferty as Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill followed two half-brothers as they competed over basketball, girls and anything else really. Throw in a perpetually scheming father, countless love triangles and real-life issues (hello double standards and sexuality), and you have yourself 9 seasons of unforgettable drama.


4. Friends (available on Netflix)

It seems like everyone’s been talking about this: Friends is finally on Netflix and it’s everyone’s main method of procrastination. Friends follows a group of friends: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross, as they navigate their love lives and careers in Manhattan. Expect a lot of relationships, laughs and relatable moments such as the one below:


5. Breaking Bad (available on Netflix)

It is never too early or too late to start rewatching (or just watching) Breaking Bad. If it was, Breaking Bad wouldn’t be available on Netflix. Breaking Bad follows a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He turns into a meth dealer to provide for his family (a pregnant wife and son with cerebral palsy) with his former student Jesse.



On that note, you are in charge of your life. Binge watch TV, but also study—it’s still midterm season.


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