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Vote for Seeing Voices Montreal to Win for a Worthy Cause

Seeing Voices Montreal 

Seeing Voices Montreal is an organization that raises awareness about the deaf community  by performing plays for the Montreal community in American Sign Language. Josephine Torossian, the co-founder of the McGill club, feels strongly about supporting the marginalized group. Its’ goal is to eliminate discrimination and create equality between the deaf and hearing worlds through theatre

The company Start Something with Alesse, which was founded four years ago with the mission of helping young Canadians start up their businesses and projects,  is having a competition to award a worthy cause such as Seeing Voices Montreal. The cause that receives the most votes is given $5000 to spend on their organization and is also partnered with a mentor to help get their ideas off the ground. 

Click here to watch Josephine and one of her actresses, Sera, give an interview with Jessi Cruickshank from Start Something with Alesse. Josephine explains how she became involved with the deaf community through sign language classes and further expresses her passion for a culture of gestures and facial expressions that led to her vision of integrating the hearing and deaf communities to achieve equality.

For more information on Seeing Voices Montreal, or if you’re interested in getting involved, click here to be connected to their website.Check out their production Deaf Snow White in March at Players’ Theatre to experience deaf culture and learn more about what this group does.

Here’s how can you get involved: By voting for Josephine here, you can help her to win the $5000 which she can put towards costumes, equipment, and props for Seeing Voices Montreal’s plays. The money would be a big help in setting this up and enable them to start touring and spreading awareness elsewhere. 

What are the voting dates?Voting lasts for seven weeks, from January 13, 2014 to March 3, 2014. The process consists of three eliminations rounds where two groups, one from each category (profit and not-for-profit), is eliminated.. Voting ends soon so make sure you tell all of your friends to vote! 

When will we know the winners?Two winners, one from each category, will be announced on March 26, 2014. Winners will be awarded based on the top-voted entries. 

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