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Visit the World Through the Streets of Montreal

Travelling allows you to experience different cultures and grasp a little piece of history at every location. As exhilarating as traveling is, the sad reality is that we are students and traveling is not cheap. Luckily, Montreal is very multicultural and it is possible to experience a bit of everything without a plane ticket.

First stop, France!












One of the many sites to see in Paris, France includes the Notre-dame Cathedral Montreal, being a little bit of a copycat, decided to build a church inspired by the one in France at Place D’armes. Though not identical, both are quite beautiful to see. Grab a baguette and a beret to make the experience more authentic.


Layover in Germany.












Some are very surprised to know that Montreal holds a piece of the Berlin wall. Located at the World Trade Centre near Square Victoria, it was given for Montreal’s 350th anniversary. Though the story of the wall may be ugly, what it now represents is beautiful.


Onto Portugal.












Little Portugal, a small neighbourhood in the Plateau, is filled with delicious Portuguese restaurants. A park dedicated to Portuguese immigrants has the beautiful wave design in the cobblestone that is typically found all around Portugal.


Next, Italy!












After Toronto, Montreal has the second largest Italian population in Canada. Little Italy, located on Saint-Laurent boulevard between St-Zotique and Jean-Talon, is filled with little cafes, shops and tasty restaurants. Be sure to drop by the Church of Madonna della Difesa, the walls are covered with beautiful frescos.


Quick stop in Greece.













Though small, Greektown on Park Avenue is the home of the best souvlakis in Montreal. Be sure to stroll the streets, filled with Greek shops, with a tzatziki-filled souvlaki sandwich in hand.


Take a break in Russia.









This quaint little place holds the atmosphere of a whole country into a small restaurant. La Caverne located on Côte-des-neiges, serves traditional food and keeps the vodka flowing. Live music is often played and no one is able to stay still in their seats. You’ll be dancing in no time.


Last stop China! 













South of Downtown between Saint-Laurent and Jeanne-Mance is Montreal’s China Town. Walk along the pedestrian walkway and stop by for Dim Sum. Chinatown is vibrant and always filled with people. It’s very hard to walk by the shops without going in or to pass the restaurants without drooling.


Enjoy your trip!





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