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With clitoral, g-spot, anal, and even more types of orgasms, there’s no wonder why buying vibrators and even talking about female masturbation is so overwhelming to start. The good news is that there isn’t exactly a wrong way to use a vibrator, as long as you are being safe. You can experiment with what feels pleasurable to you and bring that comfort with your sexuality to the bedroom. So, with so many types of vibrators available on the market, how do you know which direction to take? Below are seven types of vibrators you’ll find on the market, and the specific ways each will transport you to Pleasuretown.

1. The Magic Wand

A fan favourite. Chances are, if you’ve watched porn or the Sex and the City episode where Samantha exposed it, you’ve seen this one before. This one is known to be loud, but many on the market have whisper modes. With its silicone head, it’s perfect for broader external stimulation, and can be easily brought into the bedroom with a partner. It’s super versatile, as it can be angled in a variety of positions to stimulate hard-to-reach places.

2. Suction
​​Research shows that during sexual intercourse, most vulva-owners can’t climax from penetration alone. Suction vibrators simulate the feeling of receiving oral sex, raising your chance of reaching your big O. You can experiment by placing the hollowed hole attached to it directly over the clitoris and adjusting the vibration level and intensity to your liking. The suction cup stimulates the area on and around the clitoris, so the toy doesn’t require a ton of pressure.

3. Anal plugs

When you think of vibrators, you might automatically associate them with your clitoris (or surrounding areas), since that is usually where most women receive pleasure. But “butt stuff” has been adopted as a viable and enjoyable sexual experience for more people. Insert the flared base gently by using lube, and if the pressure is too much, start with your fingers and build up to the toy. 

The flared base ensures it stays in place comfortably, and the spirals on its neck make removal easy after extended play. Make sure you use an antibacterial toy cleaner or soap after. Do. Not. Double. Dip. What goes in the anal area should not be put anywhere vaginally, or else you could be at risk for UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis, amongst other complications.

4. Wearables

Wearables are an amazing option if you’re coupled up and want to play with extra opportunities for stimulation. These babies are pretty much exactly what they sound like: remote-control operated vibrators. The variation of pulses, vibrations, and speeds are typically controlled through an app on a phone or smart device—and in some cases, physical remotes. These can help people couples ~play~ together from a distance (for all you long-distance relationshipers). Vibrating panties would also fall under this category.

5. Rabbit style

A “rabbit style” or “double pronged” vibrator is one that inserts into the vagina and one that sits externally on top of the clitoris. Once you’ve positioned each part (longer end inside of you, shorter end on your clitoris or vulva), set the speed and intensity you like, then hold it in your hand or try rocking and rotating it.

6. Internal/G-Spot

There’s a squishy, ridged area on the front wall of your vagina, that can feel really good when touched, and an internal vibrator was created specifically to stimulate that area, says Doan. These toys are typically curved, have a long handle, and vibrate at the tip, not the base. Insert the vibrator inside you and make sure the curved part is angled toward the belly button. You can rock it, twist it, slide it in and out, or do whatever feels good.

7. Bullet

The classic starter vibrator. It is small and bullet-shaped and can fit discreetly pretty much anywhere, providing focused vibration in one specific area, so think about where you want to experience that sensation. Using your hand, place the bullet vibrator somewhere externally—your clitoris, nipples, or anal opening. Start out with a lighter pressure and listen to your body. If you feel like you need more, increase the pressure. This small size is also handy for using with your partner for external clitoris stimulation.

Ultimately, you can use whatever type of vibrator you want. As long as you reach that final destination of pleasure, whatever you choose will certainly prove effective.

Mahek Nair

McGill '23

Mahek is an International Development student at McGill, hoping to work to increase education access in developing countries. Other than studying or writing, you can find her at a local art gallery, a crystal store, or at home- curled up with a good book.