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Trials and Tribulations of Long Distance Relationships

For those ladies or men out there in long distance relationships, it can be tough. On the bright side, for all those tricky moments, there is always a silver lining. Having been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for some time now, here are a handful of the ups and (comical) downs I have experienced.

1. Phone tag

The classic game of phone tag. Yes, we have all been there. No explanation needed for this one other than that it’s rather annoying when you keep missing each other’s calls.


2. Freezing in the middle of FaceTime

If FaceTime is going to decide to be all glitchy, why can’t it manage to ever capture me in a moment of candid beauty? Perhaps as I’m smiling sweetly or tussling my hair? Nope, this is never the case and it usually results in a frozen snapshot of my face in a rather unfortunate angle. Not to mention how frustrating it is when you can’t even have a conversation without it lagging or cutting out.


3. Time difference

This may not apply to everyone but I have the added excitement of a three hour time difference between Montreal and Vancouver. While this may not seem too bad, it can get a little tricky around mornings and nights. On the bright-side, one of us gets to wake up to cute morning texts!


4. Autocorrect getting the better of you

My iPhone just loves to autocorrect every second word I type (okay, I may be a little careless but you would not believe me if I told you some of the autocorrects my phone has managed to come up with). Nevertheless, this can get annoying when texting is a major form of communication between each other. On several occasions I’ve sent a message, put my phone away and come back to some rather confusing responses.


5. Travelling to see each other can be tough

Money is always a factor (especially when you have to fly across the country to see each other) and traveling can be tiresome, but on the brightside, it’s fun creating a new playlist for those long journeys. 


Despite these moments…

6. The excitement when you finally see your partner in crime

Nothing is more exciting than when those butterflies in your tummy set in and you’re finally reunited. You jump into each other’s arms and all is good in the world. Need I say more?


7. Not having to shave

Not much explanation needed for this one. But you were thinking it too. Need a little extra warmth for that Montreal winter?


8. Seeing each other is like a mini vacation

You always have something to look forward to once you book some time off from your busy schedules. It’s all about being together and nothing can get in the way of that.


9. Planning cute dates and fun excursions during your time together  

Everyone is guilty of getting a little complacent at times when you live in the same city and see each other constantly. When you’re not afforded that luxury, you start to get creative. Dinner dates are on the table and fun outings are in order.


10. Always having a good FaceTime chat to look forward to (when it’s not being glitchy)

There’s nothing better than ending your day with a FaceTime chat. Time to properly fill each other in on your day (even if it just consists of library and classes).


Don’t let the tricky times get you down and give yourself a pat on the back for navigating the waters of long distance. You know it’s all worth it once you’re back in each other’s arms, and hey, it keeps some of that mystery and excitement alive.



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