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Style Blog Goes Abroad: Hong Kong Part I

Happy New Year and welcome back, everyone! A new year means a new semester, but part of me just wants to rewind back to the final moments of 2013, when the holidays were still on. Gone are the days of relaxation, when you could just hang out with your family and friends or escape to a faraway land where the words “school” and “work” cannot reach you. I’m still stuck in vacation mode, and I’m not searching for the escape button anytime soon.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Hong Kong for the holidays, and used the chance to unveil some new styles I’d been meaning to try out. Hong Kong has unbelievable weather, perfect for pulling out those outfits I would never be sane enough to wear in the below-zero temperatures here in Montreal. Pictured below is an outfit I wore while shopping in one of the many retail districts in Hong Kong. This district in particular is called the “Women’s District,” and it’s filled with cute trinkets at unbelievable prices.

It’s hard to believe that a cardigan was all I needed to keep warm. Below it, I wore a semi-sheer t-shirt with oriental-style flowers. I liked how the shirt had a sporty collar yet retained its girliness with the pattern. For bottoms, I kept things comfortable with a trusty pair of jeans.

Stay tuned for more outfits from my trip.

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