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Student Protest Back in Montreal


The view of Sherbrooke Avenue flooded with student protesters on April 3rd was a flashback to the March 2012 student revolts. Students again, but for a different cause this April: “May the Rich Pay their Fair Share”. Led by the student group, ASSE, the students’ cause was austerity measures concerning the provincial budget. The protest was led by a body of 40,000 students, principally from CEGEP’s and French universities. The police reacted swiftly declaring the protests illegal before they even commenced. The cumulative actions of both sides sparked flames quickly. Protesters threw rocks and the police retaliated throwing with tear gas, pepper spray projectile launchers, batons and shields. Indeed, the protest event was heightened with the upcoming election on April 7th. Whilst not explicitly linked to the upcoming election,  a spokesperson for ASSE stated that whichever party wins, “We don’t want any increase, or indexation, because student debt is still very high”. The whole protest ended with six arrests, however the impending election highlights questions about the future financial stability of Quebec.



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