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Spotted at Coachella: Summer Trends You Need to Try

The snow has melted and the days are getting warmer and warmer. This can only mean two things for us collegiettes: final exams and festival season!

Despite our lack of enthusiasm for the impending final examinations, all sorts of music festivals have been giving us hope and something to look forward to after exams end. But when it comes to Coachella, it tends to generate sentiments of the opposite kind: feelings of envy, jealousy, and regret for not being able to attend.

Coachella is the ONE festival that everyone wants to be at but cannot attend due to numerous reasons including location, budget, and time. It has become a cultural phenomenon with the massive crowd that it attracts every year, and is only growing every year.  Coachella has hosted musicians and artists who are the best of its kind and its success made it to be a popular destination for many young music and art lovers as well as pop stars. 

The effects of this can be argued both positively and negatively, but one thing none of us can deny is that Coachella has become much more than just a festival. For instance, it can now be taken as a fashion statement to say that you’re a Coachella attendee and it also is a platform where many showcase their ‘fresh-out-of-fashion-week-season’ style with a personalized boho twist. 

Moreover, retailers are launching lines specific for Coachella, and even those who are not attending celebrate its occurence on social media every year.

With that being said, Coachella is now the perfect location to spot the newest style trends that you may want to experiment with. Your regular style inspirations like Rihanna, Chiara Fegini, Kate Bosworth can all be spotted at Coachella, along with many new comers, which adds more and more fun every year.

Don’t have the time to keep up with all the fabulous attendees? Don’t worry, because Her Campus McGill has you covered. Here are some trends spotted at this year’s Coachella that you should try out this summer!

1. Fringe (bonus points if leather).

Just this past fashion week season, we saw fringe dominate different runways all around the world. 

From Ralph Lauren (far left) to Burberry Prorsum (second left), the use of fringe seemed to be the theme. At Coachella, we saw our Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandro Ambrosio (third left) and model Gigi Hadid (far right) perfectly embody this trend, along with many others.

Black fringe also seemed to be a popular choice at Coachella, but for bonus points, use the classic camel to brown-coloured leather to create the effortless Midwestern American-chic vibe.

2. Whites

White, along with black, is the simplest and yet the most daring colour you can wear, which is probably why it has been one of the most loved colours to wear at Coachella.

Especially this season, white appeared in many shows including BCBG Max Azria (far left) and Tom Ford (second left) with different twists added to it such as embroidery, fringe, and lace, which were then transferred to our daily ready-to-wear choices.

Paris Hilton, who has been a faithful Coacheller since 2007, went all white with an emboidered bralette and a skirt, while Kendall Jenner, a relative Coachella newbie, braced herself in a white, peasant-style off shoulder top. Perfect as always, our Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio donned an embroidered all-white romper.

Moreover, an endless list of stars including Jamie Chung, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and even the Coachella fashion icon Kate Bosworth wore white to complete their boho look. By now, we should all realize that white is an absolute must this summer, especially anything peasant-style or embroidred.

Even Zara, one of the most successful and accessible fashion retailers of our generation now offers a new collection specific to the colour white. (Check it out here)

3. Denim

Need I say more? Have you SEEN all the denim in almost every single show this past fashion week season for Fall/Winter 2015?

It is actually crazy how designers all decided to go all out of the use of denim, so you better grab a jean jacket and a pair of blue jeans to hop on the denim bandwagon.

Plus, what better item is there to top off the fringe and the whites I mentioned above?

From black to white to the classic blue jeans, Coachella could not live without its denim.

This season, it’s all about recreating that 70s super cool and carefree American attitude with the right choice of denim.

4. Others

Other prevalent fashion items at Coachella were hats, ankle boots, and bold boho jewelry, including the ones on your face!

a) Wide-brimmed Hats

PLEASE ditch those flower crowns and opt for a stylish wide-brimmed hat to top off your Western chic summer look. You will be able to protect your complexions while stylin’.

b) Ankle boots

Still looking for an alternative to your favourite pair of sandals? Well, now your choice is obvious. (At the far left is another photo of Kate Bosworth’s boots because these are just beyond perfect)

c) Bold jewelry

From Gigi Hadid’s (upper right) Dolce and Gabbana (upper left) inspired face-jewelry to Jourdan Dunn (bottom left) and Kendall Jenner’s  (bottom right) boho statement necklaces, this year Coachella was filled with creative and bold jewelry choices that replaced older trends like flower crowns and flash tattoos.


Overall, this year’s Coachella looks are such a good source of style inspiration, as they translate the recent runway trends so well into a wearable version. Just remember to bring your carefree attitude, paired with the 70s midwest American aesthetics and you will be ready to rock all of your summer outfits.


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