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Show Me How You Froyo: A Tribute to Our Favorite Dessert

I know its still cold outside, but lets face it: froyo is appropriate for any weather and any situation. 

Bad day? Go for froyo. Too cold? Let’s grab froyo. Too warm? Froyo time. Monday? Only one solution: froyo. 

This week we sent out a battle-cry calling all of our fellow froyo-lovers to submit their favorite (or was it best-photographed?) froyo combinations so we could compile them in one tribute article to our favorite dessert. 

This is how McGill froyo’s!

First up, we have Aretha Chan’s refreshing creation.

“My favorite flavor is original tart, because you can NEVER go wrong. Topped with Andes mints, fresh fruit and popping boba, it makes for a light and refreshing treat.”

I’ll be sure to try this one! Love my popping boba.

Next, check out Lexie’s wonderfully colorful concoctions. You can never go wrong with sprinkles and M&Ms!

In the back, we have strawberry, vanilla and chocolate yogurt, topped with indulgent chocolate syrup and M&Ms. In the front, a delicious cheesecake, lemon, chocolate and maple froyo blend topped with sprinkles and M&Ms. So much fun!

Now let’s back it up and enjoy a simple, elegant and classic froyo: plain tart flavored, sans toppings. JiWon Lee reminds us of the good things in life, and let’s give the girl a high-five on that beautiful swirl!

Are you ready for this one? I’ve mixed the best of both worlds (Nutella and froyo) to create my Nutella Cinammon Crunch froyo. Nothing beats Nutella flavoured things and froyo is no exception. Made of banana, nutella, double chocolate froyo and topped with cinnamon toast cereal, a s’more cookie, a brownie bite, cookie crumbs, and Reese’s candy, this froyo did not fall short of my great expectations for it. Heaven in a cup.


Let’s get sinful (the word ‘gluttony’ comes to mind), and feast our eyes on this baby: a double chocolate, cinammon roll, and French vanilla froyo blend, topped with fresh strawberries, cheesecake bites, chopped Oreos, Reese’s pieces, brownie bites, chocolate-covered pretzels. Thank you, Lord, for metabolism, is all I can say.

Lately been finding yourself indulging in the unhealthy practice of convincing yourself that summer is upon us, if only for a moment? To top it all off (excuse the pun), we present to you a fruity swirl of honeydew, pineapple, and pomegranate froyo. Toppings include strawberry popping boba, pineapple chunks, kiwi chunks, and blueberries. Your mouth will thank you.

There we have it. Beautiful photos of beautiful desserts. Creativity, color and customization come together in an orchestra that ensures our sanity and happiness as we traverse the harsh landscape of Montreal and university life. 

Hail the great froyo. 

Be sure to look out for more opportunities to show off your astronomically talented gastronomical skills in our future articles!


Images obtained from:

JiWon Lee, Lexie Bilhete, Aretha Chan, and author’s own. 

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