Role Playing Girl: The Best Geeky Bars in Montreal

Sometimes a gamer needs to step outside of the confines of home to get fresh air and some Vitamin D. Luckily for those in Montreal, there are ways to duck back inside, play a game or two, and go back home pretending that you did something productive. The city has a number of great options that allow you to try out some new games or classic favorites without having to buy them all yourself, with the added bonus of being able to get a great drink with it. In my opinion, a game night is suitable for any type of outing because of the focus, interaction, and friendly competitiveness that comes out of it. If it's a night out with your besties, it's easy to come out of it with tears in your eyes from all the laughter and inside jokes that'll definitely be made. It's even perfect for first dates because there will be no time for awkward silences when you're busy trying to outwit them in a strategy board game or beat them in Mario Kart (winner gets a victory kiss?). So grab a couple of friends (or more!) and try out our recommendations on some of the best geeky bars around:

Foonzo - 1245 Rue Drummond

Love retro-gaming? Foonzo is your go-to place if you want to experience all that childhood nostalgia. Kick back with one of their gaming-themed cocktails and grab your friends for some friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition. Console choices include the N64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, GameCube, or even just a board game, and everything is free to play

Randolph - 2041 Rue Saint-Denis

Boasting an impressive library of board games is Randolph, an extremely popular spot that is guaranteed to be filled on Friday and weekend nights (get there early!). With board game "experts" who can helpfully recommend something according to your preferences, you are definitely going to have a night filled with great beer, laughter, and some yelling. Best of all, if you really fall in love with one of the games you play there, you have the option of purchasing it! Sure, we've all played Monopoly and Risk before, but it's time to get the die rolling on some new board games (get it?).

Nexus Smartbar - 323 Rue Ontario E

For a more modern gaming experience, check out Nexus Smartbar, a "tavern for gamers" that promises to keep up on the various trends of the gaming community, with opportunities for streaming, tournaments, and eSports. They serve up some amazing gaming-themed cocktails, local beers, and even have a take on a beer-based cocktail. Recently, UbiSoft Canada held the launch of Far Cry Primal there, so you know they're on top of their game. 

The Forum GamesCentre - 2313 Sainte-Catherine St W

Whether you're into video games, pinball, or air hockey, the GamesCentre is your best bet for some classic arcade-style fun. As one of the largest game centres in Quebec, it's a great option if you're thinking of having a big outing or party. They also have a fully licensed bar and restaurant for the ultimate "treat yo'self" moment