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Restaurant Roundup: Notkins

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

Hit with the most extreme hankering for oysters, my boyfriend and I were disappointed at first with how few options our desperate Google search turned up. Notkins quickly caught our eye as an upscale seafood bistro, and the fact that it was one of the only restaurants open on a Sunday offering oysters.

Located at 1101 Rue de Bleury, Notkins’ outer décor sets the upscale and contemporary mood the rest of the restaurant incurs. With a winding oyster bar – perfect for watching your platter be shucked and prepped – and other funky table set ups, Notkins offers a unique eating experience for all.

After putting in our oyster order quickly, we perused the drink menu and I decided to try the Painkiller (rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and orange juice) and later on the Mai Tai, while Cam enjoyed the Trinidad Swizzle (Kraken rum, lime, lime, and tea syrup) and later on the Juan on Juan (Tequila, ginger, lemon, sugar, coriander, and chilis). Every drink was well-balanced; not too sweet but tasty enough to drink too quickly. Oddly enough the sweetness did not seem to clash with the oysters’ saltiness.

We tried 3 oysters each from around Canada and Massachusetts. The oysters were served with fresh horse radish, lemon, homemade hot sauce, and some vinegar. Although I was initially disappointed to not be offered cocktail sauce, and still think it would be a nice side, everything provided tasted amazing on every oyster.

I went full indulgence and ordered the seared beef steak which came with a generous portion of roasted potatoes, marinated chanterelles and clams with mustard sauce over everything. Every bite was a fusion of flavor that one dreams of having at any restaurant, but is only gratified while at the best. I shared bites of my entree with Cam and found that his delicious side dish was a great accompaniment to my steak dish.

Cam ordered the fish tacos with fried cod, guacamole, pickled cabbage, and jalapenos, as well as a side dish of roasted Brussel sprouts and artichoke hearts. The fish tacos were refreshing and delicious with fresh lime, and the side dish was absolutely indulgent. I wish I had asked how they prepared the Brussel sprouts and artichokes because it’s hands down one of the best things I have eaten. I’m already planning on bringing my Dad here next time he visits because of how amazing all the food was.

Notkins is a superior cuisine experience, and is priced as such. I highly suggest going for a big occasion with a significant other, or with parents and friends, because it is truly a luxurious Montreal restaurant serving absolutely mouthwatering food. 



All photos are the authors own. 

Kelly is currently a Second Year with Advanced Standing at McGill University studying History, Business Management, and Psychology. She loves everything food related, and has her own food blog in the works.