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Restaurant Roundup: Enoteca Mozza

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

Enoteca Mozza – Pizzeria Moderna’s downtown location (1251 Avenue McGill College) is only a few minutes walk from the Roddick Gates down McGill College road, but its upscale décor and modern vibe puts it in a league far above the other nearby options for hungry McGill students. Furnished with bare wood tables, funky lights, and modern looking Italian cooking art, Enoteca Mozza is the lunch and dinner destination for businessmen and friendly meetups. Craving warm comfort food to improve a dull Monday at the library, I headed to Enoteca Mozza to get my Italian fix.

I played around with the idea of ordering a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from their impressive selection, but restrained myself considering I had to head back to McLennan after my indulgent lunch. I settled for splurging on the caprese stack and chicken parmesan with sea-salted parmigiano fries and grilled vegetables. 

Caprese salad is one of those dishes that I can’t resist ordering whenever I see it on a menu. Mozzarella and tomato is as destined a pair as peanut butter and jelly, and the addition of olive oil and sweet balsamic reduction (arguably another perfect pair) as well as a sprig of basil constitutes, in my opinion, one of the most refreshing and tasty dishes of all time.  

Enoteca Mozza’s take on the classic dish was immensely satisfying. I was craving a bit more balsamic by the end, but the generous portions of mozzarella made up for it easily. I must have eaten almost an entire ball of mozzarella, and I have zero complaints about it.

After devouring my caprese stack, I moved on to the decadent chicken parmesan I had ordered. While I was unable to finish the dish, and thus will be enjoying the rest for dinner tonight, the chicken was amazing. Lightly breaded and smothered with cheese and sauce, it was the perfect comfort dish for this cooling fall weather. I also enjoyed the grilled asparagus immensely, and the sea-salt fries were the perfect carb-y addition.

I highly recommend Enoteca Mozza to McGill students looking for a splurge meal. While the prices are more upscale compared to other options located near campus, the quality of food makes it more than worth the price difference. In the wise words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, treat yourself. 


All photos are the author’s own. 

Kelly is currently a Second Year with Advanced Standing at McGill University studying History, Business Management, and Psychology. She loves everything food related, and has her own food blog in the works.