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A Quick And Easy DIY Infinity Scarf For Those Chilly Days

It’s starting to get chilly outside and I hate to say it, but winter is coming. Here’s an affordable way to stay warm with your very own arm-knitted infinity scarf. All you need is two balls of yarn, scissors and your arms! Be sure to buy bulky yarn (number six); flimsy yarn will quickly make the scarf fall apart.

Step 1: Hold both ends of yarn and measure at least four to five feet of yarn; this will become your tail. The rest of the yarn from your bundles will be referred to as the working yarn.

Step 2: Create a slipknot (making a loop and passing the yarn through) at your five-foot mark and pass your right arm through; this will be your first stitch. Do not make your slipknot too tight around your forearm since you will be pushing it further up as your create more stitches. Keep in mind the tightness around your arm determines the size of the links in your scarf.

Step 3: Create more stitches by slipping your left thumb around the working yarn and grabbing your tail with your left index finger. Hold in place both working yarn and tail with your remaining fingers. Notice how two loops have been created: one around your thumb and one around your index finger. You will pass your right hand under the first loop (your thumb) and over the second (your index finger loop) and through. This is your second stitch! Create as many as you want, it will determine the width of your scarf. I used six stitches for my scarf and it was plenty enough.

Step 4: Once all your stitches are created on your forearm, it’s time to begin knitting your scarf! Hold your working yarn in your right hand and slip a stitch off your arm. Pull your working yarn through and slip your left arm through the new loop created. Continue doing this for every stitch on your arm. Repeat this step for the whole length of your scarf going from arm to arm. 

Step 5: Once you reach your desired length, you can begin binding off your scarf. Repeat step four twice, leaving you with two stitches on one arm (your binding arm) and the rest of your scarf on the other. Pass the stitch closest to your body over the second and let it drop off your hand. Make sure to pull tightly on the working yarn after letting go of a stitch. Continue binding off always with two stitches on your binding arm at a time. When only a stitch remains, take it off your arm, pass your yarn through and pull tightly.

Step 6: Sew both ends of your scarf together with the remainder of your tail or simply by grabbing extra yarn.


Ta-dah! Your infinity scarf is complete!

Many tutorial videos claim this scarf can be done in thirty minutes and under. Keep in mind, the first time is always tricky and will probably take a little longer. Once you get the hang of it, this is a fun DIY to do mindlessly as you catch up on your favorite TV show. 

Knit away!

Image obtained from: http://www.colourbox.com/preview/4482225-988448-coloured-balls-of-wool-i…

Some images are the author’s own. 

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