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The Process of Listening to Justin Bieber’s New Album as Explained Through GIFS

You wake up the morning of November 12th and your heart is beating a little quicker than it should be for an average Thursday.

At first you’re like WHAT DO YOU MEAN? But then you realize: Bieb’s Purpose album comes out at midnight.

You take a few deep breaths and pick an outfit in Justin’s favourite shade of purple. Feeling good, you head to class.

You can’t focus in class because the suspense is killing you, so you text your friends and family all day long to let them know how excited you are.

Your heart breaks a little bit because no one shares your emotions as strongly.

Especially your mom when you tell her it comes out at midnight the night before your 8:30 class.

***actual text from my mother***

Luckily your BBF (best Bieber friend) has got your back and is just as excited as you are.

You watch Bieber Week on Ellen to make it through the day.

You try to go to the gym to pass the time but even that can’t stop you from thinking about it.

You come home and get really sleepy… but then you remember what the night has in store and the adrenaline kicks in.

You check the clock every 5 minutes but there’s still an hour left until midnight.

FINALLY it’s 11:59PM and you just can’t handle the excitement.

The clock strikes 12 and you scramble onto your music app of choice and get clicking.

The download completes and it’s finally yours. You muffle your shrieks, slap on your headphones, and hit play.

The first song, Mark My Words comes on and you remember Justin telling Ellen that it’s about Selena. You listen intently and decipher the lyrics and feel like a super sleuth.

You hear What Do You Mean? and Sorry and your liver pings to attention with memories of frosh and hype week pres.

You get to the song Company and your single self jams along to your new hookup culture anthem.

You get to The Feeling featuring Halsey and can’t get over how beautiful their voices sound together and hope they get married.

Children comes on and you immediately know Skrillex had something to do with this absolute BANGER.

Purpose makes you bawl your eyes out and want to go to church.

Get Used To It comes on and you’re like…

You get to the last song, All In It, and immediately know you’re going to be blasting this before all your future exams and sports games.

As it comes to an end, you realize you are completely and utterly satisfied.

You go to bed with your phone beside your pillow, lulling yourself to sleep with either Purpose or Life Is Worth Living.

You have sweet dreams of Bieber.

Then you wake up and start all over again.


Featured image obtained from Tumblr.

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