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Our Favourite Etsy Artisans

There are many unique artists in the world, but some talent is found right at home in Montreal. I’d like to present to you a few Montreal-based Etsy shops that we really enjoy. I interviewed three shop owners to give you a glimpse into the brilliant minds behind the art.



 Les Fantaisies de Mamzelle Sofy

            Shop owner Sophie has been on Etsy since September 2013. In that short time, she has painted a wide variety of beautiful designs on glass and porcelain.  There is definitely something for every taste.

Mireille Raymond for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): Sophie, what got you to start painting on glassware?

Sophie:  I always loved to draw from the time I was a young child. I always got something regarding arts each Christmas. I grew and continued to draw, paint and create. I studied Arts and Interior Design in college but did not continue as I became a single mom raising my son alone and a few hours away from my family. I started working in a completely different field but never quite in arts.

Two  years ago, one of my family members who knew I painted, asked me if I would be able to paint on glasses for her wedding. I took the challenge. I went from painting Christmas ornaments to wine glasses to porcelain. I now offer a range of creations that keeps on growing.

HC McGill: What inspires you?

Sophie: Everything I find beautiful. It can be a smell, a form, color. I’m very sensitive to my surroundings. And as a mom, you want to enjoy seeing your kids discover beauty in everything.

HC McGill: What’s the most rewarding aspect of selling your creations online?

Sophie:  I would have to say that’s it’s pretty darn flattering to have customers buy either on Etsy, in fairs or markets when you know how many other artists are out there. My creations are being chosen. And also, the nice messages and reviews are like receiving a huge tip. It even feels bigger than just a tip. It feels like a reward. The things I paint and create can be so personal that there are automatically feelings attached to a simple piece of dishware. I was part of a love declaration. I made a portrait of deceased fathers that made the daughter, who ordered it, cry. Baby footprints that becomes so precious for the grandparents. To know that your work means something is very rewarding

           You can check out Sophie’s creations on her Etsy shop here




            Lythicia has been on Etsy for a year and has knitted away an array of warm colorful scarves, headbands and mug holders.

HC McGill: How did your hobby of knitting turn into your own little online boutique?

Lythicia: When I started knitting, the first product I made was a scarf. From this point, I started making many types of scarves, headbands, mug-holders, etc. I was always looking for new designs and new products to try. At one point, my room was filled with knitted objects that would keep stacking up. Then, I started taking orders from my friends and progressively, the idea of creating my own little boutique grew. In short, it allows me to combine the pleasant and the useful, because I would be knitting anyway.

HC McGill: How did you feel when you sold your very first product online?

Lythicia: The first real order I received through my online boutique felt like it was unreal. I was at work when I received the notification and I felt amazing, I was very happy. It’s always a pleasure to realize that people I don’t know are willing to pay for the products I made, but the first time really felt like a dream. I have to say that, even today, every time I get an order on my online boutique, it’s an incredible feeling.

HC McGill: What is the best aspect of having a shop on Etsy?

Lythicia: I think what makes Etsy a wonderful site is its simplicity, both for the seller and the customer. Everything is clearly explained and presented, it’s easy to add characteristics about your different products and to make your online shop look like you want and personalized. Being a customer also, I find the buying experience pretty easy and convenient. Etsy is exclusively for handmade products, so I think it’s quite pleasant to have many artisans combined on the same website.

            Discover her cozy knits here



Mimo Cadeaux

            Shop owner Liana has found a way to share her love for animals through various mediums. Her adorable animal paintings can be on the back of your next phone case!

HC McGill: How did you get the idea to transfer your works of art onto pillows and phone cases?

Liana: I could not find animal cushions as I had in mind anywhere. So I made them for me! The result was so nice that I decided to start selling them. I knew they were unique.  I found the perfect manufacturer for them, and they also made cell phone cases, so I decided to try the cell phone cases too, and I loved them as well.

HC McGill: I see by your designs that you are an animal lover. What about animals inspires you?

Liana: I have always loved animals. I was the kid that begged the parents for a puppy until I got one! Animals are beautiful and innocent. I think there is a lot that we could learn from animals.

HC McGill: How rewarding did it feel to see your first review on Etsy?

Liana: Very rewarding. I am very grateful for everyone that takes the time to leave a review on my Etsy shop. Every sale is a victory! They make me happy and encourage me to continue doing what I love…

Check out Liana’s lovely animal designs here.



Artisans’ last names have not been shared in order to maintain the same level of privacy they have on Etsy. 


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