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#NoHairSelfie: The only important #selfie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

One of the toughest parts of a cancer patient’s journey towards recovery is the process of losing hair. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation aims to destroy the stigma, turning bald into beautiful and show us how we too can support patients on their journey. We’re all used to #NoMakeupSelfie, #GymSelfie, #ShamelessSelfie, etc. How many #selfie-type photos are trending all over social media, when the only hashtag that should be going viral is the #NoHairSelfie?

The Princess Margaret Councer Foundation is a world leader in cancer research that has recently debuted their application, #NoHairSelfie. This app is a digital fundraising campaign created in an effort to show support for the thousands of patients undergoing cancer treatment worldwide. The bravest people have gone as far as to actually shave their heads and others have downloaded the application in order to spread awareness and support. The virtual shave can be done using the app and it gives you a glimpse of how beautiful you would look, even when bald. Over 40% of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes and the Princess Margaret Foundation aims to bring together those who are fighting, survivors and those who want to be a part of #NoHairSelfie in order to help conquer cancer.

World Cancer Day was February 4th and thousands of people showed their support by either shaving, cutting off a few inches, downloading the app or donating to the Princess Margaret Foundation. Even though World Cancer Day has passed, every day is a great day to contribute to the foundation, donate your locks and brave the cold with a bald, beautiful head.  You can support the #NoHairSelfie campaign up until February 28th, and if you miss this year, you can always sign up for the 2016 edition and get a head start! This extensive support group fostered by the Princess Margaret Foundation is a wonderful way to get involved and show your support. So the next time you’re looking to download a fun new game from the app store, try downloading #NoHairSelfie and consider contributing to a great cause in order to help thousands of people worldwide towards finding a cure for cancer.

Images obtained from nohairselfie.com