No 3G, No Problem: Netflix Goes Offline

Netflix junkies (read: everyone) rejoice! The popular streaming site is finally making its digital content downloadable…anytime, anywhere, with or without wifi or 3G.

The tweet we've all been waiting for finally went out via the official Netflix account last week, reading, "Airplane mode. Road trip mode. Stuck-in-the-subway-for-20-minutes mode. Your favourite stories are now available for download any time." Yas yas hellll yaaas!

The new offline mode enables Netflix app users to download a selection of their fave programs (such as Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and The Crownand save them for later viewing. You know, like on those long walks to campus, or those long train/plane rides home for Winter break, or when your phone bill is way past overdue and Bell cuts you off from accessing wireless anything. You: 1 Bell: 0.

According to Gizmodo, not all content is available to download, but Netflix ensures users that “many of your favourite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way.” Weeee, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

This super dope feature is iOS and Android friendly, and all it needs from you is a click of the “download” button on the app and you’re off! Literally, you’re off, as in, you can go offline.

Call it a miracle, an early holiday gift or just one of those it’s about damn time kinda things, who cares?! We can all savour this tidbit of good news as we head into the hell that is final exams. 

Brb, off to binge-watch Black Mirror real quick!


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