Newsflash: A Guide to Staying Informed

With everything going on in the semester, I know how hard it can be to keep up with current events that are not pop culture related. You’re going to class, trying to do your readings, getting involved in clubs and keeping up with your social life. So how can you stay up to date with everything from the Syrian Refugee Crisis to the GOP race to the Canadian elections?

Here are a few of my favorite sites (bookmark or make it your homepage for easy access) and apps that keep you updated (because let’s be real, none of us have time to watch TV):


1. Vox

This is one of my favorite sites because it makes the news easy to read. You don’t have to sift through an entire article looking for the information you want because they offer card stacks, which are flash cards that answer a single pressing question, and have sub-headings in their articles. Vox also offers content in video and article form, so they’re very accommodating.

2. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post allows you to tailor the news feed to your country (marked as edition) and your region, which is really helpful if you’re interested in local news. Additionally, Huffington Post has a quick read feature (read: time-saver), which appears when you hover over the top right corner of an article. It will give you the first paragraph of the article, so you can see whether you’re interested in reading the full article or not.


3. The New Yorker

If you’re looking for longer, more opinionated articles, then The New Yorker is exactly what you’re looking for. The News section covers a variety of topics and while it is informative, The New Yorker gives off more of a story vibe while presenting the facts.

4. News Channel apps

We’ve all watched CNN, CTV News, CBC News, etc., but it’s kind of hard to do that when you a) don’t have cable and/or b) don’t have time to sit in front of your TV. News Channel apps are helpful because they allow you to receive all the same information you would get on TV in a condensed article or video form. Plus, it’s on your phone, so you can always open the app when you have a free minute. Here are a few popular news channel apps:



Al Jazeera

CBC News


These are just a few of many resources, and for all of you collegiettes who are on the Her Campus site regularly, check out the Features section for current events.

Have a great semester and stay informed!


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