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Nathan Greene, President of Alpha Sigma Phi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

This week’s profile is Nathan Greene, one of the founders and current president of McGill’s chapter of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity! Nathan is a U2 student from Oakville, Ontario double majoring in Anthropology and International Development with a minor in History. Read on to learn more about Nathan!

Tina Arani for Her Campus McGill Team (HC McGill): What responsibilites come with your role as president of Alpha Sigma Phi?

Nathan Greene (NG): As the current president of the Eta Nu chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi, I have a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities entail a variety of tasks from running weekly chapter meetings to flying across the country for fraternity conferences. The workload can get a bit overwhelming at times but luckily I have a competent board of executives backing me. 

HC McGill: What kind of impact do you hope your organization has on its members and the community?

NG: As an organization, we aim to “better the man.” We hope to inspire our members, whether active or new, to leave their comfort zones and persist in the continual pursuit of self-improvement. Our members are encouraged to engage not only with the McGill community, but also the Montreal community by exploring new opportunities for philanthropy and service. As a chapter we aim to hold charity events at least once a month, however we usually exceed this expectation, holding closer to three to four per month.

Nathan (left) photographed with a fellow brother of Alpha Sigma Phi.

HC McGill: What kinds of traits to you look for in a potential new member?

NG: It always varies. I feel that each one of our brothers has a unique quality about them that they bring to make up the identity of our fraternity. If a rushee (for those who don’t much about Greek life, a rushee is someone who is looking to potentially join a Greek organization) gets along with the brothers and exhibits traits that align with the values of our fraternity, then they have a good chance of getting in. 

HC McGill: What else are you involved with outside of the fraternity?

NG: Aside from Alpha Sig, I’m involved in a variety of clubs and activities on and off campus. I currenly also serve as the president of a club called MUMOSA (McGill University’s Multiracially Open Students Association) and the Head of Sponsorship for MSTS (McGill Student’s Trading Society). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I also intern at FWCanada Immigration Law Firm.


Images contributed by the interviewee