How to Stay Warm and Cruelty-Free this Winter

Well, it’s that time of year again. Temperatures are dropping and everyone is bundling up in preparation for the infamous Montreal winter. Although fall isn't over yet, it’s not too early to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. But before you run off an buy a new parka, take a moment to consider what it might be made of…

Most winter coats are insulated with down, which is essentially a layer of feathers. Furthermore, they are usually lined with fur. Where do these fur and feathers come from? That’s right, animals. Each year, over 50 million animals are murdered for their fur. Companies such as Canada Goose have been known to keep their geese in inhumane conditions as well as violently slaughter coyotes for their fur ( As a vegan, I generally try to live in the most sustainable and cruelty-free way that I can, but as someone originally from a warmer area, winter clothing wasn’t really a topic I had given much thought to until I moved to Canada. Luckily, I’ve gathered a list of brands that will fulfill your winter needs while remaining humane and vegan!

BOIDA Athletica

Founded in Montreal, BOIDA Athletic is a vegan activewear brand with the mission to “inspire people to believe in the individual power to make an impact in the world.” The company sells a $98 “VEGAGOOZ Packable Jacket” that is lightweight, compact and insulated using corn fibers instead of down. While it’s not as heavy as a parka, it’s a great option for fall!

Save the Duck

This company offers a variety of outerwear using PLUMTECH® technology instead of goose down; this material is “warmer, more breathable, and lighter.” In 2014, Save the Duck received a “Vegan Fashion Award” from PETA. Additionally, they have partnered with a variety of organizations and charities to promote animal rights. The coats on their website range $100-$400.


In their mission statement, Vaute says that they believe “that every dollar, word, and minute is a vote.” Since its founding in 2008, Vaute has been proud to sell products that are completely vegan and humane. Furthermore, they use recycled material as much as possible and have been activists for animal-related causes. These high-end coats can be purchased for around $400-$700 USD.

Wully Outerwear

Founded in Ontario, Wully Outerwear was “born from a love of wildlife and a vision of warm, animal-free alternatives.” In addition to using sustainable materials, Wully assures its customers that their products are made with ethical labor practices. Their coats, ranging between $400 and $800, have been tested in all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.


This Montreal-based brand offers a variety of stylish outerwear complete with quality vegan leather and faux fur. They are PETA-approved and aim to alleviate “the burden of choosing between style and ethics”. Their coats are very reasonably, priced around $200. They also offer an extensive collection of cruelty-free hats and scarves to keep you warm all winter long.


If you're interested in buying your own 100% vegan coat (or any form of vegan activewear), visit and use the promo code “hercampus13” to receive $10 off your purchase!


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