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The Hottest Trend of Fall/Winter 2017: Velvet

The weather is not very predictable these days. One day we are wearing our boots and coats, the next day we change into a denim jacket and sneakers. But, we will be experiencing colder weather very soon; so, it is time to keep up with the Fall Winter 2017 Fashion Trends! Some F/W 17 trends include double denim, cozy knits, polka dots, leopard print, shoulder pads and VELVET.

Smooth. Silky. Rich in colour. Velvet is everything you need in a fabric.

Adding a touch of velvet to your OOTD (outfit of the day) will make it look classier, more fashionable and well, let’s be honest who doesn’t want to wear a soft, silky fabric that is rich in colour. Velvet jackets, skirts, dresses and even shoes with velvet details were dominating New York and Milan 2017 Fashion Week runways. Ready-to-wear brands like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Sirens have also been designing velvet clothing for this season. This trend is grasping the world of fashion from the luxurious AND the affordable side.


Velvet became a trend during the F/W 16 season but it was such a huge hit that designers and ready-to-wear brands are continuing to add more and more velvety designs. A difference between the two seasons is that this season we see more casual pieces in velvet: tracksuits, shorts, ~intimate~ wear

Another distinctive characteristic of this year’s velvet trend is that designers are using extravagant, rich colours. Velvet was commonly associated with colours like black, red and pink, however, this year runways were filled with models wearing bright yellow, light green, metallic grey…

Why don’t you try to add a little bit of the richest, most fulfilling fabric in the world to your outfit? Here are some outfit inspirations for various occasions:

1. Going to Class: A black bomber to go with your all black outfit

2. Fancy Date: A little burgundy velvet dress and a moto jacket: intimidating in a good way

3. Clubbing: A black velvet top with a white mini skirt will make you the most fashionable girl in the club.

4. If you and your bae want to feel like Kim & Kanye


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