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Fourth Year Diaries: Tea Café/Salon

This week’s blog post is inspired by my new favourite study place!  I have been obsessed with loose-leaf teas this year (thanks to David’s Tea) and have been curious about trying some new cafés that specialize in teas. So far I’ve tried two great places, one more recommended for studying, while the other was fun for a lunch with friends. The tea selections at both of these places are fairly overwhelming, but I’ve found it fun to try new flavours that aren’t sitting on my shelf at home (although it is tempting to resort to peppermint everytime). I’m hoping to find some new places soon, but in the mean time here are two great spots for any tea fanatics to try out.     

1. Chaï T’ Lounge- this first spot is incredibly close for all of you ghetto dwellers, and is located right beside El Mundo at 3506 Avenue du Parc.  Chaï is great for studying as they play calming music, or going to chat with a friend over your individual pot of tea (hot water refills are $1). While studying here last night I sipped a Chamomile-Peppermint tea blend, and treated myself to an apricot-black tea and lemon macaroon. Even if my experience at this café had been horrible I would return for those macaroons… they are heavenly and definitely worth the walk over.          

2. Nocochi — I visited this Tea Salon last May for a close friends birthday lunch. Located at 2156 rue Mackay this spot has a wide variety of items on its menu. While it would be the perfect spot to go for breakfast or lunch, it also offers an interesting selection of teas (which also come in individual pots) that should be accompanied by some items from their pastry counter.   


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