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First dates can be awkward and scary, and choosing the right location can be nerve wracking. Montréal is not exactly known as the city of love, but there are a lot of cute spots for every kind of first date. Whether you like meeting over drinks or over brunch, here are a few options for some of the most popular first dates. 



Le Mal Necessaire – Located in Chinatown, this bar will make you dream of summer in the heart of Montréal winter with its tiki-inspired décor. They’re known for their innovative cocktails, some of which come in actual pineapples! It’s a fun atmosphere with the perfect ambience for a first date. 


Atwater Cocktail Club – Right near the Atwater Market, this bar has the vibes of a 1920s speakeasy and has won multiple awards for its cocktail creations. It features syrups made in-house alongside specially picked spirits, so their knowledgeable bartenders can create a drink specially curated to your taste. This fact makes for great conversation, and it’ll be a memorable experience for both you and your date. 




Barley Bar à Céréales – Also near the Atwater Market, Barley is a very relaxed environment that’s perfect for a low-key first date. They have a wall full of cereal to choose from for those cereal fanatics, and their lattes even come with cereal on the side. They also have a full menu for brunch, including healthier options like smoothie bowls and more fun items like matcha pancakes. If the date goes well, you can follow brunch with a stroll through the market! 


LOV – If you’re looking for a healthier option, LOV follows a plant-based philosophy, but their food is just as tasty as it is aesthetically pleasing. An Instagram classic, LOV has locations both downtown on De la Montagne and in Old Montréal. 




Gyu-Kaku – If your date is a meat-eater, they’ll love this Japanese barbecue restaurant. This is perfect for a first date because of the social aspect created by cooking the meat and veggies together, and the fun atmosphere created by everyone around you doing the same. 


Maison Saint Paul – Located in the heart of Old Montréal, Maison Saint Paul is known for its wine and champagne selection. The food is a little pricey, but the ambience is really nice and people go from eating to dancing later on in the night. 



Montréal is filled with so many bars and restaurants, and there are a million places to go for a first date, but hopefully these spots can give you a bit of inspiration! 


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Mara Lamont

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Mara Lamont is a 4th year Political Science student at McGill University with minors in Italian and Marketing. She is an aspiring lawyer, interested in defending people who may not otherwise be given a voice. Outside of the classroom, her interests include yoga, baking and reading classic literature.
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