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Final Exams as Told by The Mindy Project

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

So you’re preparing to write your final exams, when all of a sudden you realize that your prof makes your final exam cumulative:

Promising yourself to study productively the entire week, you then walk into McLennan and see people doing anything but work:

Not to mention having to wear 7 layers of clothing to the library:

But then again, it doesn’t even matter, because you’ve pretty much lost all motivation to dress well

You start stress-eating like you never have before and wish that there was still a Tim Hortons at the library: 

Your prof constantly sends you the same email 20 times with information about the final:

Finally, the day of your most important exam has arrived. As a precaution, you bring every writing utensil you own into the exam room just in case one runs out: 

You give yourself a pep talk as the exams are being distributed:

Then you flip through the exam and see all of the super-vague questions: 

But in the end, you pull through and walk out of the exam feeling like you nailed it:

You get your exam back and your mark is suspiciously high (but you’re not complaining): 

And then just like that, exams are over, and it’s time to celebrate the holiday season!


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