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Extracurricular Champion: Corinne Bulger Does It All

If you are looking for a role model who can show you how to handle multiple leadership positions, look no further than Corinne Bulger. Bulger is currently an Arts Representative, Floor Fellow in New Residence Hall, FWORD committee member and contributor, a campus tour guide, a member of the SSMU Daycare Board of Directors, and a volunteer with the Canadian Improv Games. In the academic realm, Bulger is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Development and Feminist, Sexuality, and Social Justice Studies with a minor in Indigenous Studies.

Bulger explained that one thing she likes about McGill University is that the school does not have one specific identity – such as being known internationally as a football school – which permits students to join their own communities to shape their university experience.

“McGill community is made up of a bunch of smaller groups and families, like faculty councils, or sports teams,” Bulger said. “These small communities of people make up the larger McGill family, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Bulger is an Arts Representative alongside Jennifer Chan and Kevin Zhou. According to Bulger, one of the best parts of her position is learning about projects and groups on campus, such as the Little Library book lending program from the Sustainability Projects Fund and First Year Councils. 

“I actually love [the role] because you get involved with an abundance of different councils and committees, giving you a small glimpse at all the work that goes into making things run smoothly at McGill, while also giving you the chance to work with the incredible people who make it happen,” Bulger said.

In addition, Bulger is a Floor Fellow in New Residence Hall, the largest residence on campus.

“As for floor fellowing, I truly feel like I lucked out with one of my dream jobs,” Bulger said. “I get to work with a big ol’ team of 14 of the kindest, most compassionate individuals you will ever meet, and working in New Rez, a building of almost 800, means that you get 800 new best friends!

Despite her positive outlook on her McGill University experience right now, Bulger struggled to find her footing during her first year. Bulger wishes she could tell her first-year self that it was okay to not love every aspect of her transition into university.

“In first year, people would always be saying “I made the right choice! I can’t imagine being anywhere other than McGill!” which was like a punch in the gut because I honestly didn’t know if I had made the right choice, so I felt really sad!” Bulger said. “Thankfully, I was able to find my community through some trial and error, but it did take time!”

McGill University can be stressful for many students, so Bulger encourages students to practice self-care by not being hard on themselves.

“Most importantly, I think the best self-care is to be gentle with yourself. In university (and life), you’re going to make mistakes, whether it’s failing a class, or hanging out with the wrong crowd, and everything else in between,” Bulger said. “It is so important to let yourself make these mistakes while also recognizing that they don’t define you.”

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