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Exploring Montreal: Boutique 1861

If you love vintage clothing and accessories, but are not keen on the idea of wearing previously owned garments, a trip to Boutique 1861 is a must. This 18th century-inspired boutique is located on Saint Catherine street, though it is a little further away from the downtown shopping sector. The shop’s antique décor is one of a kind—much like its stock, which goes quickly, and unlike popular retailers, is not mass-produced. Chances of showing up at a party wearing the same thing as someone else are slim!

Boutique 1861
1861 Saint Catherine West
(514) 908-1861

Visit their Facebook page for updates and new collections.

Sofia Mazzamauro, born and raised in Montreal, is majoring in English Cultural Studies and minoring in Communication and Italian Studies. Along with being the editor-in-chief of Her Campus McGill, she is a writer for Leacock’s online magazine’s food section at McGill University and the editor of the Women’s Studies Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Journal. After graduation, she aspires to pursue a career in lifestyle magazine writing in Montreal.
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