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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: 5 Netflix Shows You Didn’t Know You Needed (But Do)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.

One of the great things about my roommate is that she is always willing to help me procrastinate. Her specialty, in fact, is finding often-overlooked, but highly addictive television shows on Netflix. These shows aren’t Orange is the New Black, Downton Abbey, or Parks and Recreation, but once you start watching, be warned, you may find it hard to stop.


1. Witches of East End.

This show takes place in a fictional seaside town in New York and centres around the seemingly uneventful lives of a mother and her two adult daughters. Very quickly into the show (too quickly) however, things start to get spellbinding. Everyone–mothers, fathers, daughters, long lost aunts, romantic interests–seems to have magical powers. The show not only includes a large cast of beautiful witches but also keeps you on your toes with natural disasters, scheming enemies, and spontaneous brain aneurysms. You may think you’re above watching both seasons in one weekend, but you’re not.



2. Sing it On.

Did you love Pitch Perfect? How about Glee? Sing it On is the real life version produced by none other than Grammy winner John Legend. Follow five collegiate a cappella teams as they compete to try and become ICCA champions. Though the acting is mediocre, the groups are extremely talented and do some great renditions of contemporary songs e.g. “Elastic Heart” by Sia and “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Plus, if you’re looking for a new drinking game, just take a sip everytime someone makes a bad aca-pun.


3. Greek.

You may think that Greek life isn’t for you, but maybe it just isn’t for you in real life. Via television however, this abc family classic will become a staple in your Netflix history. Follow various fraternity and sorority members as they balance greek week, lavaliering, and the beer volcano with papers, exams, and multiple love triangles. Live vicariously through the preppy characters without ever having to spend an obscene amount of money on a green and pink outfit.


4. Dance Academy.

If Step Up 4 left a hole in your heart, Netflix has the show to fill it. Dance Academy is an Australian production that will keep you home on Friday night, glued to your laptop. Tara Webster, our protagonist (term used loosely) is accepted to Australia’s top dance school in Sydney where she learns quickly that her talent alone is not enough to succeed. With bad boys, cat fights, and older love interests, this show will keep you entertained or at least keep you from finishing your assigned reading. If nothing else, we all know that Australian accents are adorable.

5. Starcrossed.

Set in the near future, this show is filled with your normal high school drama: cool kids, angry teachers, fights in the hallway, and aliens. Oh yes, Starcrossed follows the romance between a human girl Emery, and an alien boy, Roman. Roman’s strikingly human features are offset by his random glowing tattoos and his life-threatening caffeine allergy (move over, kryptonite), reminding you that he is not from planet Earth. This one-season wonder is a great reminder of why both inequity and futuristic haircuts are negative aspects of our society. Need I say more? One review has pinned Starcrossed as “Twilight with aliens.” I’m sold.


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