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Campus Cutie: Vincent Peligro

Presenting this week’s Campus Cutie—the witty and hilarious… Vincent Peligro!


Hometown: Smalltown, CT

Year and Faculty: U3 Arts

Majoring in: Hispanic Studies/IDS

Single or taken? Taken!

Favorite movie: Blade RunnerFavorite quote: “I’ve always thought it was kind of wack that most dinosaurs only ate plants”–William Nye, PhDFavorite bar in the city: Crobar, where the drinks are cheap and the regulars all look like former members of Mötörhead. Drink order of choice: Nica Libre (essentially a Cuba Libre with approximately three shots of lime juice).Dream job: Feline EngineerCelebrity crush: Gabriel Gilling (romantic), Bill Hitchert (wild night out), What can always be found in your backpack? The CD version of the soundtrack to Mission Impossible. One can never be too prepared.What’s one thing you’d bring with you to a deserted island? Either Hurley from Lost, or a cardboard cut-out of Hurley from Lost (editor: please attach a photo of Hurley from Lost here).

One person that has been a role model in your life? Michael Scott, regional manager, Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Scranton PAWhat do you consider to be your best trait? In high school I used to put photos of David Byrne in the ‘Big Suit’ on the window outside my health teacher’s door every day. After that got boring I started putting american WWI propaganda, then just photos of different people with great facial hair. He didn’t figure out it was me until the end of my senior year. I don’t know if this is a great trait but I’m pretty proud of it. Most baffling female fashion trend? Until pretty recently, I would have said Uggs, but after trying on a pair, they make a lot of sense.If you had a free plane ticket to any destination, where would you go? I am actually trying to go this semester to the one of the only colonies the Welsh ever attempted to create in waaay southern Argentina: Y Wladfa. Not because I am Welsh or anything, I’m just extremely confused about how and why this place was created.If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?: We have a serious lack of lightsabers considering the fact that it’s 2015…Quick FactsPuppies or kittens? To play with? Puppies. To scheme with? Kittens.Outer space or deep-sea diving? Outer space, but only if Matthew McConnaughey is with mePepsi or Coke? NoEarly bird or night owl? Early bird gets the worm, but the early worm finds a spot in early bird’s stomach and can’t escape from it.Comedy or horror? Comedy. Fun fact: I thought Silence of the Lambs was about butterflies and lambs when I was young and watched it when my mom had gone to sleep. It wasn’t about butterflies or lambs.Board games or video games? Anything that involves Dungeons and/or Dragons, both in tabletop form and video form. Extrovert or introvert? …Yes

Images contributed by the interviewee.

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