Campus Cutie: Victoria Dillman

Third year, Victoria Dillman, is an English Major from Vancouver. This INFP coffee lover enjoys poutine, creative writing, and the occasional man bun. You’ll find her on campus editing “Read This Dammit,” a McGill publication, or working with concessions at the Athletics Centre. You will definitely want to join her in her future space colony once you learn about her awesome, hilarious and “too real?” life at McGill.

Annie Rubin for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): What’s your favorite Disney character?

Victoria Dillman (VD): Belle, she is having none it with Gaston and I feel that.

HC McGill: What’s the best or worst pickup line you’ve ever used or heard?

VD: Hey, I have some really good f****ing music… wanna hear it? (said to me).

HC McGill: What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received and why?

VD: My furby… until it started spouting demonic speech in the middle of the night and I had to destroy it.

HC McGill: What would constitute the best day of your life? Randomly running into J.K. Rowling but then acting super casual about it but also somehow becoming her best friend.

HC McGill: What would your name be if you were a character in your favorite TV show/movie?

VD: Leena Belcher – Tina Belcher’s long lost twin sister.

HC McGill:  What are three things on your bucket list?

VD: Find a place that sells pineapple drinks 24 hours a day, skydiving from a plane, get over my fear of heights (not in that order).

HC McGill: What would be the title of your autobiography?

VD: Well That Happened and Other Embarrassing Mistakes

HC McGill: What’s your favourite cocktail?

VD: Rum in a pineapple. Trust me, it’s delightful.

HC McGill: How do you think you’d do in a horror movie?

VD: I’d be that really annoying chick who was constantly freaking out and died right before the end of the movie.

HC McGill: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

VD: Deep fried maggots…I don’t really recommend it.

HC McGill: Strangest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a McGill library?

VD: 4am dance party.

HC McGill: What’s your horoscope and do you follow it?

VD: Libra but I only read it when I’m procrastinating hard core.

HC McGill: What’s been your biggest struggle at McGill?

VD: 8:30am classes in the Education Building.

HC McGill: Coffee/Tea?

VD: Coffee. Tea’s great but coffee is necessary.

HC McGill: Song title?

VD: Blackbird

HC McGill: Where will I find you on a Saturday night?

VD: In a giant plate of poutine.

HC McGill: Favorite place to study?

VD: Club Mclenz.

HC McGill: Embarrassing story:

VD: My first kiss – I was eight, went up to my crush and gave him a kiss on the lips… he burst into tears and ran to tell on me to his dad. It’s okay though, we became a couple a week later. #meetcute

HC McGill: Weird obsession:

VD: Man buns

HC McGill: Single/Taken:

VD: All about that single ladies life

HC McGill: What’s the most attractive quality someone can have?

VD: Caring about social justice issues (and man buns).

HC McGill: Hobbies?

VD: Napping, Netflix, creative writing, and skiing

HC McGill: Favourites?

Book: Slaughterhouse-Five

Music: The Lumineers

Movie: The Lion King

TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Pastime: Creative writing

HC McGill: Horoscope:

VD: I’m actually more into the Myers-Briggs. (I’m an INFP if anyone was wondering)

HC McGill: Early bird/night owl?

VD: Night owl for sure, I sleep through the early birds.

HC McGill: Dogs/cats?

VD: Cats, although dogs are aiite.

HC McGill: Dream job?

VD: Writer

HC McGill: Dream travel?

VD: A space colony

HC McGill: Craziest experience at McGill?

VD: Let’s just say I now have a pl-egg-thora of egg puns due to a certain egg-regious activity at M-egg-Gill

HC McGill: Any collections?

VD: My failed hopes and dreams (too real?)

HC McGill: Are you a good dancer?

VD: Hah.

HC McGill: Biggest achievement to date? 

VD: Almost sleeping through an exam but making it with two whole minutes to spare.

HC McGill: What languages do you speak?

VD: English, definitely not as much French as I should and a little bit of Thai.

HC McGill: What is your biggest fear?

VD: Millipedes. Those suckers are the devil’s spawn

HC McGill: What advice would you give to yourself in first year?

VD: It’s okay to sleep through a class, just not a conference.