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Campus Cutie: Michael Luck

Hey ladies! Meet our campus cutie of the week, Michael Luck—who also just so happens to be named McGill's Athlete of the Week! 

Her Campus McGill (HC) had the pleasure of interviewing Michael, a Redmen swimmer. Read more to find out what he likes to do when he's not in the pool!

Basic Info

Age: 23

Year: U4

Major: Phys. Ed.

Hometown: West Island boy - Beaconsfield, QC

Relationship Status: In a Relationship

In-Depth interview

HC: You got McGill athlete of the Week (congrats!), explain to us what that means?

(ML) It feels awesome to be athlete of the week. Having just retired from a 15 year long career, to come out on top is just the greatest farewell. I had amazing weekend with my team, and we swam great together.  Don’t know if I’d be athlete of the week without them!

HC: How long have you been a swimmer?

I’ve been swimming my entire life. Anyone from the west island knows that their local pool consumes their summer, with parents tossing their kids in the deep end at the age of 3. From there, I started swimming competitively in the winter, tearing up the pool as a tiny 8 year old.

HC: Where would people be most likely to find you on a Friday night?

Partying with my DPEK people, or hosting a killer SAPEK/KinGames event! (FYI: KinGames Power Hour Feb 26th, get tickets at SAPEK in Currie Gym)

HC: What's your guilty pleasure?

M&M’s. <3

HC: Biggest pet peeve?

When you need milk and there’s no milk... rough times

HC: What is your best memory at McGill?

I hate this question… there are way too many! Every Frosh or power hour, Fac-O or Kin Games! They’re all great memories!

HC: What's a little-known interesting fact about yourself?

Pancakes are my fav.

HC: Favorite place to study on campus?

Trottier third floor – always a place to study. Guaranteed.

HC: Who’s your guy celebrity crush? And gal?

Tom Brady (cuz go Pats!) and his wife is a knockout.Ashley Benson…  don’t really need a reason.

Little Lightning round

Day or Night: Night

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Candy or Popcorn: Candy

Summer or Winter: Summer

University or high school: University





Images contributed by the interviewee.

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