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Campus Cutie: Jeff Araujo

Sub-zero temperatures freezing up your heart? Well, snuggle closer and warm up with this week’s Campus Cutie Jeff Araujo, a self-described couchsurfing aficionado whose adventurous and charismatic personality will surely win you over.

Major/Year: U3 Honours History

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: Montreal, born and raised

What are your favorite things to do?  I like pushing my boundaries any way that I can, [and] that comes in many shapes and sizes. Karaoke. Cliff-jumping. Theatre. Making friends out of complete strangers. Spontaneous road trips. Couchsurfing. Singing in the street. My favourite thing, though, at the end of the day, is good conversation. You all know what I am talking about. It’s those awesome talks that make time stand still – when you escape painfully mind-numbing small talk. Life is awesome and exciting, so why wouldn’t you want to talk about it??

Why did you pick your major? History has such passionate professors – the enthusiasm is contagious. It’s also the perfect major for people who want to understand the world we live in. You can also dabble. I love it.

Favorite place in McGill? The long stretch between the Roddick Gates and the Arts building. How could you not love that? I always try to walk right in the middle when I’m heading to Arts. I hope I am not the only one. Maybe I have a thing for symmetry?

Advice to girls about guys? Most of us suck – but don’t give up. Oh yeah, and if a dude actually takes the time to ask a girl what’s wrong, do us all a favour and take this advice: please don’t stay silent, give a dirty stare, or say “you should know why already.” Cool? Thanks. 

What things do you look for in a girl? Honestly, I have always been attracted to girls who are really smart and ambitious. If you take those qualities and throw in someone who loves adventure and is really open-minded and empathetic, you’re my angel falling from heaven. Call me?

Pet peeve: People who hold back and try to justify why they aren’t following their dreams. Nothing is worth that sacrifice. I’m also not a fan of people who live to party. There’s a huge difference between loving adventure and drinking yourself into a freakin’ coma.

Craziest thing you’ve done: I went on a month-long road trip last summer [with] my buddies to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Mobile, Washington and Boston. We did not spend a single dollar on hotels – we couchsurfed with random locals the whole way.

What’s your dream holiday? Good company. A reliable car. Endless stretches of highway. Awesome experiences without expectations.

Have you got a favourite pick up line (and has it worked)? Hmmmm, not really. When I was in Nashville, I pulled the “you’re the only TEN-I-SEE” line. Total strikeout.  

Any extracurricular activities? I’m currently involved in the McGill [Player’s Theatre’s] production of “Peter Pan,” which everybody should go and see from February 19th to March 1st. It’s going to be awesome.  I play Mr. Darling and a drunken pirate. Arrrrrrrr!

What’s the best place you’ve travelled to? The destinations are always awesome when you’re travelling, but getting there is infinitely better. So, the best place is the road. 

Anything you want to add/talk about?  If you’re looking to get started on couchsurfing and need references, don’t hesitate to give me a shout and we can chat! 

Bonus: Check out his signature travelling moves!

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