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Campus Cutie: Curtis Lai

If you searched up the word “cutie” in a dictionary, you would find a picture of Curtis, the star of this week’s Campus Cutie section.  Curtis is in his second year here at McGill and has been super involved on campus since he first stepped foot in Montreal. He is a star intramural ice hockey player, a member of the AUS Auditing Committee, and the 2013-2014 Food Rep for New Residence Hall. Curtis is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet, and it would be abnormal to see him on campus without a smile. This is one guy you don’t want to miss out on meeting in your time at McGill.


So, let’s take a little look into the life and mind of Curtis Lai…


Name: Curtis Lai        

Faculty/Major/Year: U1 Econ

Hometown: Hong Kong

Describe yourself in one word: Curtis

Favourite sandwich: Club sandwich

The best spot in Montreal: The top of the McGill stadium

Guilty pleasure: Popping bubble wrap

Fun fact about yourself: I’ve been to every continent

Favourite song of all time: Headlights by Eminem

Favourite sports teams: The Habs (I bandwagon where I live)

Favourite drinking game: Beer pong

Your first word as a child: “Meh”

Favourite store to shop at: Metro

List some items on your bucket list: Skydiving, winning the lottery, swimming with sharks, being at the Stanley Cup final, flying in a fighter jet

Movie or TV show that relates most to your life: Pokemon (pukeachu I choose you)

Celebrity crush: Lana del Rey

Best experience of your life: Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


Speed Round: Do You Prefer…

White or chocolate milk? White

Sand or snow? Sand

Broccoli or brussel sprouts? Broccoli

Pen or pencil? A mechanical pencil

Summer or winter Olympics? Summer

Chips or chocolate? Chips

Shorts or pants? Shorts

Justin Bieber or One Direction? Jonas Brothers

Football or hockey? Hockey


Images contributed by the interviewee.