Campus Cutie: Anya McMurrer

Anya McMurrer is a U3 student majoring in Psychology and Music. She hails from Kinnelton, New Jersey, and works as a Floor Fellow at New Rez! Anya is also a Student Ambassador for the McGill Welcome Centre and plays intamural volleyball. This cutie enjoys studying at chic cafés and will easily win you over with her passion for social justice and adorable, yet mysterious,  fenic fox-like disposition. Read on to learn more about this amazing gal and what she’ll do on the day she finally gets her acceptance letter from Hogwarts (we haven’t given up hope yet).

Annie Rubin for Her Campus McGill (HC McGill): Coffee/Tea?

Anya McMurrer (AM): Coffee

HC McGill: Song title?

AM: Fluxed Out – Mr. Carmack

HC McGill: Where will we find you on a Saturday night?

AM: Probably tucked in Montreal’s hottest club, My Bed. It’s got everything: sheets that I definitely wash every other week, a Netflix account that I definitely pay for by myself like an adult, 2 textbooks, one tawny-headed swallow (I still can’t figure out how it got there), and one portal to an alternate universe that I haven’t found yet but am determined exists. Otherwise, you can probably find me on duty, roaming the halls of New Rez and helping first years through the troubles of first year.

HC McGill: Fictional character you relate to the most?

AM: Ben Wyatt from Parks & Rec.

HC McGill: What would constitute the best day of your life?

AM: First I’d get that Hogwarts letter I’ve been waiting for (it’s been 10 years but I’m not giving up yet), along with all of my friends so we could be magical and hang out together at the Three Broomsticks, have a life chat, drink some butterbeer, and defeat millennial dark wizards.

HC McGill: Describe your perfect date:

AM: The medjool kind.

HC McGill: If you could be any aquatic mammal, what would you be?

AM: A beautiful mermaid.

HC McGill: What is your biggest pet peeve?

AM: Systemic oppression.

HC McGill: What would be your Patronus?

AM: I’d like to think it would be something that strikes a balance between adorable and mysterious, like this fennec fox:

but I’d probably be better suited to an animal that wouldn’t know what to do with its hands. Like a pigeon.

HC McGill: Favourite adjective?

AM: Lugubrious.

HC McGill: Favorite place to study?

AM: Le Cagibi up on St. Laurent and St. Viateur. Great light, great coffee, great chili.

HC McGill: Single/Taken?

AM: Single, but I do have two plants that I arbitrarily water.  

HC McGill: What’s the most attractive quality someone can have?

AM: Real selflessness and the ability to be self-deprecating.

HC McGill: Favourite movie?

AM: Any Richard Linklater movie, so Waking Life, Boyhood or the Before Sunrise series.

HC McGill: Favourite book?

AM: The Four Loves - CS Lewis

HC McGill: Favorite memory from McGill?

AM: It’s tough to pick a specific memory (though I have a vague feeling it might have to do with one of the last metro stops on the green line), but the best part of my four years at McGill has got to be meeting the most amazing, supportive and tireless people. I am so fortunate to be involved in the communities I’m a part of and will miss them dearly!


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