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Campus Celebrity: John Qiao

The moment he handed me his business card, I knew I was dealing with a potential Her Campus McGill Celebrity. If you’ve ever wondered what the modern day Renaissance man would be like, well…let’s put it this way: He would go to McGill, wear a Mickey Mouse cap almost every day, and play the guitar. And his name would be John Qiao.

And you must know you’re destined for greatness when your own mother sneaks into the hospital to change the date on your official birth certificate so you can attend school earlier.

After having created a successful Taco business out of his own van while serving as Executive Revenue Officer of SUS, researching in a lab, and TA’ing for “Human Anatomy,” this modern day Leonardo Da Vinci deserves the highest award of them all: this week’s Her Campus McGill Celebrity title.

Name: John Qiao (i.e. prononced “Chow”)

Nicknames: JQ, Juanito, Qiaoder

Occupation: The Don Juan @ JQ’s Taquo Delivery / ERO @ SUS

Major: Anatomy and Cell Biology with Economics minor

Dream Job:

Realistic Job: Adventurer

Weirdest thing you do alone: Loaded question…

Favourite part about McGill: The protesters

Best pick-up line: Oooo gurrlll you look so fine, if I were a bee, I’d be all over you honey

Sexiest thing about a girl: Smile, freckles, attitude (i.e. “tude”)

Coolest clothing item you own: I have a Mickey Mouse hat that I got the first time I went to Disney World which I like a lot. I’ve also got some nice socks.

Something you think looks good on a girl: SUNDRESS & ROMPERS

Something you think looks awful no matter what: Popped collars and fedoras (c’mon guys)

Typical dish you whip up at home: 4 scrambled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, salsa, toast, coffee, and tea for every meal.

Hobby: Song-writing / The Blues

Taco Business. Please explain: So here’s the deal, I decided to start up a taco business this summer called JQ’s Taquo Delivery because I discovered that I hated working in hospitals and labs. Couldn’t stand it. Also, Montreal has no Mexican food, which disappoints New Yorkers deeply. So pretty much I started it up so I can eat taquos all day long. Ya caught me.

Coolest fact learned in College: The difference between a British and an Australian accent

Most important lesson you learned in College: When working in a cadaver lab, it may be beneficial to have quick reflexes, or else your TA may just “accidentally” fling some liquid from the tip of the dead male’s reproductive organ into your unsuspecting eye (disclaimer: this did not happen to me)

Top three things on your bucket list: Drive from Cairo to Athens along the Eastern Mediterranean coast, play with baby pandas, and meet Ron Swanson in person

Piece of advice you would give to incoming freshmen: When you’re young, you work to learn, not to earn

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