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Campus Celebrity: Café Evergreen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McGill chapter.


This week, SSMU is hosting a Student-Run Café Competition Expo to select a new sustainable, student-run café on campus. I had the opportunity to briefly chat with Team 3’s Café Evergreen and talk sustainability and healthy food on campus.

What is the SSMU Sustainability Case Competition?
It’s a competition between six teams of students to develop a new concept for an environmentally sustainable student-run café.

Who is Café Evergreen and what is the concept behind the idea?
Behind Café Evergreen is a team of four students. Evergreen’s emphasis is on tea, something that is a bit different than what is typically offered on campus. Also, we really wanted Evergreen to represent what students want on campus, which is inexpensive, tasty food and a great place to hang out.

Do you think that there is a lack of healthy and affordable options at McGill?
I think there are healthy options out there, but they are rare and not affordable. This is why Evergreen needs to exist on campus—to give students more options. If it is student-run, students will have a say over what is available. All the students we spoke to said they wanted more healthy and affordable food on campus. 

How can we support Café Evergreen?
To support Café Evergreen, you can stop by the Exposition in SSMU on March 14th and vote for our concept! Also, you can visit our website to find out more about Evergreen.

Sofia Mazzamauro, born and raised in Montreal, is majoring in English Cultural Studies and minoring in Communication and Italian Studies. Along with being the editor-in-chief of Her Campus McGill, she is a writer for Leacock’s online magazine’s food section at McGill University and the editor of the Women’s Studies Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Journal. After graduation, she aspires to pursue a career in lifestyle magazine writing in Montreal.