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British Radio Host in Lebanon Murdered in His Home

 Gavin Ford, a 53 year old British radio host in Lebanon was brutally murdered in his home in Beit Meri, an area in Lebanon. Ford was known for his morning shows on the Radio One station in Lebanon.

The two men involved in the murder, that ran away with Ford’s car, claimed that the sole reason that they were at Ford’s house on Monday was to steal, showing no intention of harming Ford. A video of Ford relaxing in his living room with two men began circulating the internet, and claims shot up of whether these two men are the killers. It is said that the two men that murdered Ford, who are aged 23 and 27, were not the same men that Ford had filmed earlier.

Lebanon, being the small country that it is, experienced the spread of pictures of Ford beaten and bleeding through social media and messaging outlets such as the app WhatsApp. Rumors also spread about the reasoning behind the killing of Ford, claiming that it was due to a previous molestation of children, therefore claiming that the murder was an act of vigilance.


Pia is a first-year student at McGill studying International Development and Economics, and minoring in Arabic. She was born in London, England and grew up in Dubai and Beirut. She loves travelling, and her ideal destination is anywhere with a beach.
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