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Books to Cure Your Post-Reading Week Blues

Reading week might be over, but that doesn’t mean we stop reading! Of course, now that classes have started again, it’s a challenge to do any leisure reading when we’re being buried under the weight of course readings and assignments. However, for those of you who manage to find the time, I’ve compiled a brief list of books I’ve recently read and enjoyed to continue my previous list of book recommendations.


Attachments, Rainbow Rowell

“It’s still romantic falling in love for someone for who she is and what she says and what she believes in.”

The year is 1999. Lincoln is twenty-eight years old, still lives with his mother, and reads people’s emails for a living. His official title is “internet security officer,” but that’s just a fancy title for someone who spends his evenings reading company emails to make sure that no one is violating company policy. When he reads the emails of colleagues Beth and Jennifer, he’s completely charmed by their hilarious back-and-forth banter and commentaries on daily life. By the time Lincoln realizes he’s in love with Beth, he’s already past the point of no return.


When I read Attachments, I found Lincoln adorably awkward and totally relatable: he wasn’t really sure where he wanted to go in his career or what he wanted from life. This is a common sentiment among university students and a substantial part of the infamous quarter-life crisis that many of us suffer from. If you’ve ever felt similarly, this book is a good choice for you. Besides, Rainbow Rowell’s writing is so entertaining and quirky that you won’t want to put the book down.


The Piper’s Son, Melina Marchetta

“I’m scared I’m going to spend the rest of my life in a state of yearning, regardless of where I am.”

Tom is only twenty-one, but has already hit rock-bottom. His family is a wreck after the sudden and tragic death of his youngest uncle and he has turned his back on everything that mattered to him, including the girl of his dreams. His aunt, Georgie is devastated by her brother’s death and also in need of some guidance. She finds herself pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child at 42 and unsure of how to proceed. The Piper’s Son follows Tom and Georgie through their heartache and tells a beautiful tale of love, family, and friendship.


What I loved about this book was the fact that the writing was so raw and honest. This novel perfectly captures the feeling of being lost in life. If you like this, I recommend also reading The Jellicoe Road, another amazing read by Melina Marchetta. Just a note on her writing: it can be a bit disorienting at the beginning, but I promise it all makes sense as the story progresses!


Say the Word, Julie Johnson

Don’t get so caught up in chasing your dreams that you forget to live them.” 

When she was eighteen, Lux Kincaid broke Sebastian Covington’s heart along with her own. Seven years later, Lux crosses paths again with Sebastian as she is forced to be his assistant on a project for work. Meanwhile, a young friend of Lux disappears without a trace. When Lux asks the girl’s family of her whereabouts, everyone seems too afraid to speak. Following a gut instinct, Lux embarks on a dangerous journey to find her friend and unexpectedly stumbles upon quite a few secrets along the way.


As far as fiction goes, the events that occur in this book are probably the least likely to occur in real life. I’m normally not a huge fan of mystery novels, but this one was an exception; Say the Word had me on the edge of my seat for all 450 pages. If you’re looking for a read to blaze through with a story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page, this book is for you.


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After spending a wonderful fall 2015 term in Paris, France, Regina is in her final semester at McGill University, studying Economics and French. She loves reading and writing in her spare time, travelling to foreign places, and baking anything she has the ingredients for. She also occasionally plays the oboe. Some of Regina's favourites include the colour blue, the season of fall, and the movie You've Got Mail. You can follow her on Instagram under the handle @reginawung.
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