The Big 50: Three Films That Celebrated Their 50th Anniversary in 2017

Some things just age well: wine, cheese, and films. While there have been plenty of excellent films in recent years, there is a certain charm to old films, possibly due to a cultural impact and a following that spans generations. In 2017, three classic films turned fifty: ‘The Graduate’, ‘The Jungle Book’, and ‘Bonnie and Clyde'.


1. The Graduate


‘The Graduate’ is one of the most remembered films of the 1960's. The film follows Ben and examines his relationships with Elaine and Mrs. Robinson. According to Tim Dirks of Filmsite, ‘The Graduate’ reflects “a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo and middle-class values", and the breakthrough film mirrored that anarchic mood perfectly for America's youth of the 60's, during the escalation of the Vietnam War. One of the most memorable moments of the film is at the end, as Ben and Elaine sit in silence whilst Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” plays in the background.

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2. The Jungle Book


It seems like one of life’s “Bare Necessities” to mention ‘The Jungle Book’ on this list. This Disney film tells the story of orphaned Mowgli, as he is raised by animals in the jungle. At the end of the film, Mowgli is reunited with, and makes the decision to live amongst, humans. This film and other adaptations are based on a book by Rudyard Kipling, whose writings have been considered to be imperialistic in modern times. In 2016, Disney released a live adaption of ‘The Jungle Book,’ which was received with critical and commercial success.

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3. Bonnie and Clyde

‘Bonnie and Clyde’ portrays the real life story of Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow’s robbery and murder spree that took place in the 1930's. According to Owen Gleiberman in an article for Variety, "'Bonnie and Clyde’ dunked the cinema in a baptism of style and blood, glamour and adulthood. It was a revolution both holy and unholy.” Fun fact: The two leading actors, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were the presenters during the 2017 Academy Award’s Best Picture fiasco.

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