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Up All Night: Nadastrom Review

Nadastrom, a Moombahton duo hailing from Los Angeles, certainly knew how to keep the party going into the early morning hours at Le Belmont. Moombahton, a fairly new genre, is a special breed of electronic dance music. It’s heavy bass. It’s pounding drums. It’s the two-step pulse of reggaton splashed with the infectiousness of house and electro. It’s dangerously fun. Nadstrom was nothing short of energy as they performed on Friday night (or rather Saturday Morning).

Their set was animated, consistently fantastic, and loud. The bass vibrations and erruptions of contagious dance rhythms cast the crowd into a dancing frenzy. Combined with thick amounts of fog, flashing streams of colored lights, and of course great music, an undeniably good time was had by all. Nadastrom concluded their set with their very reggaton-influenced hit “Up All Night” much to the crowd’s enjoyment and to the appropriateness of their set ending nearly at three in the morning.

Needless to say, Le Belmont could not have been a more perfect location for a fantastic night of Nadastrom. Le Belmont has to be one of the epicenters of electronic music in Montreal, and for McGill students. Although they bring big headliners of varied genres such as Bonobo and Blockead, Le Belmont always infuses its Montreal roots into their shows. Wednesdays, local dub-step sweetheart Vilify spins for their infamous “Bass Drive” nights and local favorites Dooze Jackers opened for Nadastrom. Le Belmont a great way to assimilate into the Montreal electronic dance scene but it is a cost-effective way; shows are cheap and affordable for students.

Other venues similar to Le Belmont such as New City Gas may have a different atmosphere, but bring the energy of a show at Le Belmont on a larger level. I have yet to experience a bad night at Le Belmont. Nadastrom was just one of the great performers to headline, and I certainly don’t expect for them to be the last.

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